Friday, August 05, 2005

The Retriever

GM! Let's start it off with Vin the man!
The Hollywood Reporter
says that Vin Diesel will star in a movie called The Retriever, which features Diesel as a one-man army fighting to save the world from nuclear apocalypse. The film will be funded by Germany's Equity Pictures.

The VinXperience fansite did a bit more research on the project and translated the following plot summary from Equity's website.

A thriller literally made for Vin Diesel, who is supposed to save the entire world from doom in a James Bond manner; at the last moment. The whole world is threatened by an apocalyptic weapon, which originates from the death zone of Tschernobyl, having been left behind after the accident in the power plant. Rebels, having nothing to loose, are now threatening to use it. Pure action and thrills are making 'The Retriever' both a huge cinema action film as well as a success to be in the world-wide DVD box office.

Diesel, whose The Pacifier is one of the biggest hits of the year earning $196.3 million worldwide, can next be seen in Find Me Guilty.


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