Monday, August 01, 2005


GM! Yes I'm back once again! Had to take a few days off to work on another project I have been busy with. We'll start by bringing a short bit of news about the new film of Haley Joel Osment:

Haley Joel Osment is making a return to movies, taking a starring role in the independent coming-of-age feature Home of the Giants, says The Hollywood Reporter. Rusty Gorman is writing and directing the film.

Set in an Indiana town that lives for basketball, the story follows a teenager (Osment) who idolizes one of the town's basketball stars. The teen and his best pal are befriended by the player, who ends up being anything but the hero they thought he was.

The movie goes into production early next month in North Carolina.

Osment received an Oscar nomination for his performance opposite in The Sixth Sense. He has also starred in Pay It Forward, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Secondhand Lions.


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