Monday, August 01, 2005

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Directed by Lance Mungia this film stars: David Boreanaz, Edward Furlong, Dennis Hopper, Tara Reid, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Danny Trejo, Marcus Chong, and Tito Ortiz.

The Story: The story of ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (Furlong) and his girlfriend, Lily (Chriqui), who are murdered by Luc Crash (Boreanaz) and naturally he becomes the newest crow. I like Edward Furlong who was the kid in Terminator 2....This role will suit him.

"Ok, before you die get it right! I am not the birdman of alcatraz I'm the Fucking CROW!"

"And then you squeel like a pig!"

"You call yourselves flowers? You smell like shit!"

"Take a taste like shit even to a fucking Demon!"


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