Friday, July 01, 2005

King Kong (Pictures)

Well I finally have some Production Stills to share with you from this movie. Most seem to be from the trailer shown this week. Enjoy!

"Ok Dave, put the wrong caption under this picture and I'll be kicking your caucasion ass!"

"Ok feel it baby! Wind through your hair...Work it!"

"Hey Dude! I'm looking for a guy with a hat in a Model T Ford!"

"You can keep rolling Peter, I just need to take a shit!"

"Wow baby, you are so hot tonight...This doesn't even look like our basement! Now take me like Kong would wild man!"

"Now where in the hell is the 1rst T Box at?"

"If Kong farts right now we are toast!"

"My God! Look at the cock on King Kong!"

"I'm sorry, who knew that fucking dinosaurs were camera shy!"

"Has anyone got a clue where we can rent Jet Skis?"

"Peter, no one said anything about bananas, we were supposed to be paid in Money!"

"Maybe I should've drop my pants first!"

I hope you enjoyed these new pics, I'll try to do some more tomorrow before I go out of town for the weekend.

Have a Nice Day!


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