Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Fog (update)

GM! I'm late so I'll start off with a scarey post. Click this pic to see the new trailer for the remake of John Carpentar's The Fog. By the way , I like the shit out of the original....scarey as hell!

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In this horror-thriller there really is something out there in the dark. One hundred years ago, in a thick, eerie fog off the rocky coast of Northern California, a horrible shipwreck occured under mysterious circumstances. Now, shrouded in darkness, the ghosts of the long-dead sailors have returned from their watery graves to exact their bloody, merciless revenge.

Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Selma Blair star in the Rupert Wainwright-directed film, rolling into theaters on October 14.

I recommend this if you love horror!


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