Friday, July 08, 2005


Kids....remember don't do this at home. These people are professionals.

Written and directed by David DeFalco it stars: Maya Barovich, Chantal Degroat, Kevin Gage, Ken Medlock, Kelly K.C. Quann, Sage Stallone, and Stephen Wozniak.

The Story: Possibly the most brutal film ever made, "Chaos" is a cautionary tale of two teens who throw themselves into harms way. Two girls, looking to score some ecstasy at a rave, follow a young man to a house where terror awaits. There a gang of felons capture and torment the girls drawing them into a nightmare of violence.

This movie is the lowest kind of exploitation and appeals to darkest side of humankind....With that said.....Enjoy! lol.

This is my last post for now.....Have a Nice Day!


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