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The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Bloody-Disgusting reports that Ron Howard spoke to CNN about Thursday's Space Shuttle Discovery launch.

Howard also said that his Apolla 13 star Bill Paxton has joined Universal's Creature From the Black Lagoon, a remake of the classic 1954 film.

Howard also said he would like to do another space movie sometime, but says he's done the historial piece and would love to do something action/adventure driven in the vein of 2010.

I saw this movie many years ago....hope they really do something better with it this time.

God of War

Universal Pictures has secured the movie rights to video game God of War, created by Sony Computer Entertainment. Mosaic Media Group's Charles Roven and Alex Gartner will produce the feature adaptation, says Variety.

In the game, players can unleash the power of the Gods and embark on a merciless quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior driven to destroy Ares, the God of War. Armed with lethal double chainblades, Kratos must carve through mythology’s darkest creatures— including Medusa, Cyclops, the Hydra and more, while solving intricate puzzles in breathtaking environments. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution.

The game, created by David Jaffe and Shannon Studstill, was released in March. A writer or director has not yet been attached to the project.


Sorry for being so irratic with my posts lately, but have had just too much business to take care of to do posts like before. I will try to post every day, but if I miss just understand that I am too busy. Thx.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Superman Returns (update)

It seems there has been an update to the emblem on Superman's chest.

instead of this .....

Have a nice day.

Happy Campers

New Line has bought the comedy Happy Campers from screenwriters Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow (Black Knight), says Variety.

The script is about a mild-mannered accountant who, in order to convince his son that he's tough and cool, agrees to lead a class camping trip.

Tapestry Films' Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams and Robert Levy are producing. The three produced Wedding Crashers, which is turning into a summer sleeper hit for New Line.

People's House

Warner Bros. and Imagine Entertainment are teaming up on The People's House, a Stacy Sherman-scripted comedy about a first couple divorce that puts the White House in play as a marital asset. Variety says Brian Grazer will produce.

In Sherman's script, the president is caught philandering, and the first lady kicks him out of the house and files for divorce. Because the first couple has few personal assets beyond the promise of future riches from memoirs and speaking engagements, she's granted custody of the most famous residence in D.C. The most powerful world leader finds himself sleeping in his childhood bedroom, returning to the Oval Office for only for work.

Sherman has just started a rewrite, and the studio hopes to fast-track the comedy.


Variety reports that Mel Gibson's Apocalypto will be filmed in an obscure Mayan dialect.

Set 3,000 years ago, the film may feature the same kind of subtitles Gibson reluctantly added to The Passion of The Christ. It will star a neophyte cast indigenous to the region of Mexico where Gibson will shoot in October. And it likely will carry an R rating, unless Gibson tempers the onscreen depiction of violent scenes he wrote in his script.

Walt Disney Pictures will distribute domestically and Gibson's company, Icon, will handle foreign territories. Gibson will produce along with Icon partner Bruce Davey.


Last week at Comic-Con International, during the Lions Gate horror panel, the company's President of Acquisitions Peter Block told us a bit about their upcoming horror thriller Catacombs from the producers of Saw. He whetted our appetite with the film's premise about a woman, played by Shannyn Sossamon, who visits her sister in Paris, and the two of them go to an all-night rave in the Paris catacombs, which just so happens to be filled with dead bodies. Somehow, Shannyn gets lost and…cue incidental music…she may not be alone down there.

This weekend, had a chance to talk to the film's co-writer and co-director David Elliot while he was in town promoting the upcoming John Singleton movie Four Brothers, which he wrote with his regular writing partner Paul Lovett. We were rather surprised to learn that Elliot's partner for Catacombs was none other than comic book artist Tomm Coker, and that they had already finished filming it. He told us a bit more about the project and how it came about.

Here's a piece on the new movie Catacombs being made right now:

"Tom is a good friend of ours, and he went to the catacombs in Paris, which is 300 miles of abandoned limestone mines under the city," David told us. "About 200 years ago, there was no room left in the cemeteries, so they dug up every dead body in the city and just threw them in there. So what nobody knows is that right underneath Paris, below the Left Bank, is 6 to 7 million dead bodies, so kids break in there and basically, play around, take flashlights and explore, and recently, people started throwing parties and big raves down there. Tomm and I just sort of did a side project. He's a big comic guy and very talented, so we spent weekends and nights working on the script and then met the guys that produced 'Saw' and they loved the idea. They're a writer/director kind of oriented place, so they gave us the shot to direct it, which was really great. We shot in Romania that was a real joy."

Elliot also told us that Coker had some beautiful storyboards for the film, which they might try to release as a book. "He and I were great collaborators in a sense, because I was just a pure writer at one point and he came from doing pictures, so we had a nice way of communicating visually."

Catacombs will be coming out sometime during the first quarter of 2006, but you can get a taste for Elliot's writing with Four Brothers, which comes out August 12.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (update)

GM! Here's a couple of new pieces of news for you this morning starting with this piece on the new Harry Potter movie coming up:

With every successive "Harry Potter" book, author JK Rowling has introduced new characters, making it more of a challenge for directors when translating them to the big screen, because they have to cast new people to join an ensemble cast who have been living these movies for a number of years. For the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, four more young actors have been brought aboard to join the trio of regulars, Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Last November, visited the "Goblet of Fire" set, and we were allowed to give the first interviews to three of the young actors who play Harry's competition in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Robert Pattinson plays Cedric Diggory, Hogwarts' official entry into the contest, Clémence Poéy plays Fleur Delacour, the candidate of the all-girls' school Beauxbatons, while newcomer Stanislav Ianevski plays Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian Quidditch champion from the Dumstrang school. Since they hadn't talked to the press very much, if at all, at that time, there were all very open to answering questions, even if they all got rather giggly at times. Poéy was only able to join us midway through the interview.

(Note: If you haven't read the fourth book, there may be a big SPOILER about the fate of one of these characters, but you can learn more about each of them at the official "Goblet of Fire" website)

CS!: How does it feel to be the new blood in such a popular series of movies?

Robert Pattinson: Well, I thought it would be more daunting then it has turned out to be. I think I've kind of integrated pretty easily, but everyone's pretty friendly, so it's not particularly difficult to do that. I think being a "new blood" hasn't really affected me that much.

Stanislav Ianevski: I feel as if what I've been doing hasn't really changed me, as well. I feel as if I'm a part of a new family now. I've settled down really well, I think.

CS!: Were you fans of the movies before doing this or had you not paid attention?

Stan: Well, me, personally, not directly, but as soon as I got the part, I got the past books and the films.

Robert: That's more or less the same as me. I hadn't read any of them until I heard about the audition and then I read it about a week before the audition. I was pretty unitiated.

CS!: Stan, this being your first movie ever, what's it like coming onto a set this extravagant for your first experience?

Stan: Well, I didn't exactly know what I was going into, so I think I sort of took it the more relaxed way. Then, as time went by, I started getting amazed myself, thinking of the future in that what we do in that moment, we'll actually be seeing that all over the world on screens next year. It was a little scary feeling as time went by. You try to give your best for the viewers.

CS!: Can you tell us how you got the part of Victor Krum?

Stan: Well, I had only been in little school thing. In Israel, we had little theatre things, but they were minor. I got the part in my current school. We had afternoon registration and I was late, and I was speaking to one of my friends in school, running to sign in at the late afternoon. The casting director was walking by and she heard my voice. She turned around and told the head of drama that she wanted me to come to audition. That's how it started. I went to a lot of auditions and I eventually got to meet Mike and got the part.

CS!: What is Mike Newell like to work as a director? Was he rather paternal to the younger actors?

Robert: Sort of. Everyone says that he's very much of an actors' director and he is quite hands-on. Nothing's kind of theoretical. He'll show you exactly what he wants to do. It's not sort of anything high-flung about it. He won't assume anything to any of the actors. He'll talk to you the same if you're Alan Rickman or if you're an extra. He's a really good director to work with.

Stan: He creates a really strong atmosphere when he's around, and I think it's also really motivating for the actors.

CS!: Of the other actors you've worked with, which of the veterans most impressed you?

Stan: Personally, every single actor on this film has his own strong side, and I've been impressed by everyone, really, but especially Dumbledore, Michael Gambon, and Alan Rickman. The bigger actors seem to be more friendly then I thought they would be, and they really make you feel like you're there to have fun rather than work.

(At this point, actress Clémence Poéy joins the two guys.)

CS!: Since you're just joining us, what's it like being the "new blood" in this movie?

Clémence Poéy: It's been fine really. Everyone's been really friendly. You don't feel like an intruder in a way. You feel really welcomed, and it's a new film each time. We're not the only ones being new.

CS!: How was it shooting the Tri-Wizard scenes?

Robert: The maze right at the beginning was tough, physically demanding stuff. It's me and Stan and Dan doing it for most of the time, and most of the special effects are kind of real. The whole thing was hydraulic, so the maze is crushing and squeezing in on you, and no one knew if you were going to sort of die, because it closed the whole way. It was all pretty exciting stuff. I had never done anything like that before.

Stan: It was the very first thing we were doing, as well, and we had quite a few laughs. We were at some times a bit scared.

CS!: What are some of the things that each of you face during the maze, which is the third task in the Tri-Wizard contest?

Clémence Dangerous things, I guess. We haven't seen it yet.

Robert: What we face? It's kind of nothing in a way. It's different to the book how it's been portrayed in this, quite a lot different. It's like your biggest enemy is yourself and the isolation and fear of what's behind the next corner, of not knowing anything. And the maze itself is alive, rather than being monsters and stuff inside. When you're walking around a corner, you never see anything, but all the competitors go insane, because of the competition and the general fear, like being scared of the dark over a period of time.

CS!: So there won't be any 15-foot tall spiders like in the book?

Robert: No, but it's much scarier. I shouldn't really say that to be controversial.

CS!: What's the coolest scene you've filmed that you're most looking forward to seeing on the big screen?

Robert: I think probably the final sequence of scenes from the end of the maze and the big fight scene finale. That's going to be really, really cool.

Stan: I'm looking forward to the more action scenes as well, especially the one me and Rob filmed right at the beginning where we were fighting in the maze. I remember that very clearly.

CS!: So we know what was the hardest part, but what was the most fun for you to do?

Robert: All the physical things were probably the most fun things, as well. The underwater stuff was really cool, but bizarre. You can't experience that anywhere else. There's nothing in the pool, and that's the scene that I'm most looking forward to seeing because you can't actually see anything. There's nothing to see, so everything is very devoid, the entire environment.

CS!: Can you talk a bit about the underwater training you went through for the second task?

Robert: I did about three weeks training just before the maze and that was the first thing I did for anything. Yeah, and how long did we shoot underwater? It was two months, I think, but I was only there for three weeks. It's pretty strange, because you can't see anything. Everyone's in blue wetsuits and you get something jammed into your mouth. You have a megaphone Tannoy (that's a speaker for you non-Brits) under the water, which tells you "Look more scared" or something. "Stop breathing." (laughter)

CS!: Were any of you certified divers before this and did you know you'd be doing so much swimming before you got the part?

Robert: I wasn't. Just general swimming.

Stan: I wasn't either.

Clémence: Well, I think we got one from the training. It was the first time for me. I had never scubadived before, but I know they made sure I was able to swim when my contract showed up. That was it.

CS!: Which one of you ended up spending the most time underwater?

Robert: I don't know, because [Céleste] had to fight the Grindylow.

Clémence: Yeah, I don't think I was supposed to have that much, and then I got a bit more.

CS!: How is it fighting in a blue screen tank against a non-existent monster?

Clémence: It's pretty scary at first, just because you can't breathe. It's just not natural and you just want to go back to the surface. They keep telling you that you're going to get used to it, and you just stop coming up all the time. You actually spend three hours underwater, which is great by the end of it, because it's really relaxing. It's a very peaceful world.

Robert: And you're not self-conscious at all, because you know that whatever you do, you're going to look like an idiot. (laughter)

CS!: What did you guys have to do underwater?

Robert: I had to kind of look around (laughter) and point and I have to tell Harry to hurry up, so I didn't have a huge amount to do.

Clémence: Did you actually talk?

Robert: No, I didn't really do anything. I just kind of point at my watch. There's so much chlorine in the water, you can't actually see each other, so it took almost the whole day just to get the right angle. You can't get any of the timing right.

(Note: Spoiler warnings for those who haven't read the book follow. You can read them by scrolling over them with your mouse.)
CS!: Robert, your character dies in the book, so what was that experience like in the film?

Robert: Well, I haven't actually died "live" yet but I've been dead a few times. It's strange, but it's quite sort of relaxing. You feel like a bit of a therapist, because everyone's giving you all their grief, and you're just lying there listening. Yeah, it was quite nice, like no pressure after a couple weeks. I enjoyed it.

CS!: Of all the costumes you each wear in the movie, which is your favorite?

Clémence: Why I think it's going to be my ball dress. I haven't worn it yet, but I tried it on, and I'm looking forward to wearing it. We'll be shooting that in December, of course, so we'll all be freezing, but it's a very nice dress.

Robert: I think the costume which I have when I'm dead, the funeral costume. And I did request to have an open coffin.

Clémence: And then you attended your own funeral! He came and looked! (laughter)

Robert: I think the torn-up Voldemort blood-stained costume is probably my favorite.

Stan: I quite like my maze costume, as it's the softest one of all. It's made out of cotton and I prefer softer clothes.

CS!: All the clothes you're wearing seems to be kind of heavy, Stan. Aren't you hot all the time?

Stan: I don't prefer much heat on me, but you have to wear it.

Clémence: We can swap if you want. (laughter)

CS!: Are we going to see you playing Quidditch at all in the movie?

Stan: Well, I've tried my broomstick out, and we are going to shoot Quidditch, but that's still to come.

CS!: The fourth book seems to show a lot more of the growing teen's hormones. Did you feel that sort of atmosphere on the set at all?
(All three actors look at each other trying to decide who to answer, before both guys look at Clémence, at which point, they all start laughing.)

Clémence: No, the thing is that I'm always surrounded by fifteen really pretty girls, so when you walk down the set, you've got all of these extras (breathing heavily) because it's a group. I don't think we'd be like that if we're on our own otherwise.

CS!: Robert, can you talk about the celebrity of being the Hogwarts champion and having to compete against the great Harry Potter?

Robert: I suppose it is quite cool, but then again, it is Harry Potter, so you're never going to really compete. During the Great Hall sequence, my entrance is like you hear everyone whispering "It's's Cedric…" That's really quite cool. You get a trip from it.

CS!: How has it been working with Daniel Radcliffe?

Robert: Really good. I've kind of done everything and I've only worked with Dan in almost every single scene, so yeah, I get on with him very well.

Stan: He's a great boy. He's just amazing. There's not much that I can add to that.

Clémence: Me neither.

Robert: He's incredibly hard working, as well.

Clémence: Yeah, he's a true professional.

Stan: He's always friendly and willing to help you.

Robert: He has to go to tutoring at the same time and the immediate switch between going from tutoring to actor all day every day, nearly 365 days a day. I think it's absolutely incredible, and I would never ever be able to do that.

CS!: Have Daniel, Rupert or Emma talked to you about the mad fans you'll be dealing with when the movie comes out or are they trying to keep that from you?

Robert: We kind of briefly met, and I was talking to Dan's dad about his Christmas card to the fans. I think they're printing out 20,000 Christmas cards, just in the first batch, just for his personal fan club. Just the scale of it is incredible. I got fan letters about a week after it was announced that I was cast from people who probably have no idea who I am really. I thought that was really strange.

CS!: What have each of you learned from doing this movie?

Clémence: The most important thing is about acting in front of blue screens. I mean, that's something I've never done before, and acting underwater was quite a new experience, as well.

Robert: Yeah, I suppose the blue screen thing, I guess you can never really get that used to it. I did another movie, which is almost all blue screen, as well, so I had some idea, but not to the extent that it is in this movie. I think the technicalities of things is quite a big thing I've learned.

Stan: Everything that's been done on the film has been pretty much new to me, so I've learned quite a lot.

CS!: You've been working on this movie since April, and you're going to be shooting through March. Do you have anything else lined up for after it's done yet?

Robert: I'm going to start doing castings again in January, since I have a month off and see what happens.

Stan: I've got to see my agent beforehand, but hopefully, there will be things to come.

Clémence: I've got two French movies lined-up actually, one for spring and the other for the summer, so it's going to be very different. Small movies.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

V for Fucking Vendetta....I have waited for this for a long time! The Wachowski brothers wrote and closely supervised this movie. The news for today is the fucking preview trailer is out!

Click this link to see it!

Release date: November 5th, 2005

and you pervs get to see Natalie Portman bald! lol.

Have a nice nite.

Todays box office numbers (extra)

GA! Yes I'm late today cause I have been out of town. I'll post a couple of quickies for you anyway.

Weekend Box Office Estimates
July 22 - 24, 2005

TW LW Title Studio
1 1 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory WB
2 2 Wedding Crashers NL
3 3 Fantastic Four Fox
4 - The Island DW
5 - Bad News Bears Para
6 4 War of the Worlds Para
7 - Hustle & Flow ParC
8 - The Devil's Rejects Lions
9 5 Batman Begins WB
10 12 March of the Penguins WIP
11 6 Mr. and Mrs. Smith Fox
12 8 Herbie: Fully Loaded

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Chumscrubber

Directed by Arie Posin, this movie stars: Ralph Fiennes, Rita Wilson, Carrie-Anne Moss, Glenn Close, Jamie Bell, Allison Janney, Lauren Holly, Neal McDonough, Rita Wilson, and William Fichtner.

The Story: When one of his classmates is kidnapped, an alienated teenager champions the investigation, after realizing that the adults in his community are too self-absorbed to care.

Now this looks like it has a potential to be a great movie! We'll see.

Have a nice day!


Christina Ricci will star in a comedy titled Penelope, to be produced by Reese Witherspoon's Type-A Films and financed by Stone Village Pictures, reports Variety.

The script, a modern-day fable about a woman under a curse who tries to end a lifelong string of bad luck, is the first by Everybody Loves Raymond supervising producer Leslie Caveny. Witherspoon will also play a supporting role.

The film will be helmer Mark Palansky's feature debut. The movie is scheduled to start filming in January, after Ricci wraps Black Snake Moan, in which she stars opposite Samuel L. Jackson for Hustle & Flow direct Craig Brewer.


Now here's an interesting project:

Universal's Focus Features will back the Tim Burton-produced 9, an animated film from director Shane Acker, says Variety.

Based on Acker's short of the same name, surreal fantasy takes place in a parallel world where humanity is threatened. Timur Bekmambetov, Jim Lemley and Dana Ginsburg also produce.

Acker describes his CGI filmas having a "stylized quality" that makes footage look like stop-motion animation. Tim Burton's Corpse Bride writer Pamela Pettler will write the screenplay.

The project marks Focus' first animated feature.

Three for Dupree

Matt Dillon has joined Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson in Universal Pictures' You, Me and Dupree, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedy tells the story of a newlywed couple (Hudson, Dillon) whose relationship problems boil over when the groom's unemployed best man, Dupree (Wilson), moves in with them for a brief period and seems to have no intention of leaving.

You, Me and Dupree starts filming in the fall. Joe and Anthony Russo will direct from a screenplay by Mike LeSieur.

Death Defying Acts

Guy Pearce will star in the Houdini drama Death Defying Acts, with Rachel Weisz in talks to co-star as the magician's mistress, reports Variety.

Based on true events during the escape artist Harry Houdini's 1926 tour of Britain, the film follows Houdini's passionate relationship with a woman he encounters in Scotland.

The film will be directed by Gillian Armstrong and was written by Tony Grisoni (Tideland) and Brian Ward (The Interpreter).

Pearce's credits include Memento and L.A. Confidential. Weisz recently starred in Constantine and will appear next in The Fountain.

Death Defying Acts starts shooting in early 2006.

Destroy all Humans

Well it seems the title of this movie gives away the plot!! lol.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

According to Reuters, video game maker THQ Inc. has hired United Talent Agency Inc. to spearhead its effort to make a movie based on its recently released Destroy All Humans! title.

In the game, which is rated "T" (Teen 13+), players use destructive weapons and innate mental powers to take on the most feared enemy in the galaxy - Mankind! Gamers control Crypto, an alien warrior sent to Earth to clear the way for the Furon invasion force.

The player's mission is to infiltrate humanity, control them, harvest their brain stems and ultimately destroy them.

THQ said the Hollywood talent agency would guide Destroy All Humans! through its development into major motion picture and television projects. UTA will also oversee financing, production and distribution.

Visit the game's official website for more info.

What next???

The Covenant

Let's start with this bit of news about another graphic novel being made into a movie (as if we needed one lol) :

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Renny Harlin is set to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel The Covenant, by Crossing Jordan writer Aron Coleite and artist Tone Rodriguez, says Production Weekly.

The script, written by J.S. Cardone, follows a group of four families whose patriarchs wield a vast eldritch power. Those powers have been passed down from father to son for generations. The main players in the book are Caleb, Pogue, Reid and Miller. The site says we meet them at the moment when they discover they are next in line to receive the power of the Covenant.

The story begins with the boys learning about the Covenant and how to use their powers. During that summer of fun and experimentation, they unknowingly release an evil out into the world. Four years later, the Covenant has to stop the menace they unleashed.

Production on the film is set to begin the first week of October in Montreal. Top Cow will release the first issue on September 1. The issue can also be read online here.

Took a day off lol

GM! I just want to let you know that I haven't abandoned my blog, I just took the day off. I was very busy and at this time there isn't many people reading it due to vacations! Anyway I'm back!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This movie was written by Jim Jarmusch and stars: Bill Murray, Frances Conroy, Julie Delpy, Jessica Lange, Sharon Stone, Tilda Swinton, and Jeffrey Wright.

The Story: In the new film from acclaimed writer/director Jim Jarmusch, winner of the Grand Prix at the 2005 Cannes International Film Festival, Bill Murray stars as Don Johnston.

The resolutely single Don has just been dumped by his latest lover, Sherry. Don yet again resigns himself to being alone and left to his own devices. Instead, he is compelled to reflect on his past when he receives by mail a mysterious pink letter. It is from an anonymous former lover and informs him that he has a 19-year-old son who may now be looking for his father.

Don is urged to investigate this "mystery" by his closest friend and neighbor, Winston, an amateur sleuth and family man. Hesitant to travel at all, Don nonetheless embarks on a cross-country trek in search of clues from four former flames. Unannounced visits to each of these unique women hold new surprises for Don as he haphazardly confronts both his past and, consequently, his present.

This is the other poster for the movie:

Release Date: August 5th, 2005

Have a nice day!


Variety says Vinton Studios is changing its name to Laika Entertainment and is moving into production on its first CG-animated feature, Coraline, to be directed by The Nightmare Before Christmas helmer Henry Selick and produced by former Fox executive Bill Mechanic.

Coraline is based on Neil Gaiman's Hugo Award-winning, best-selling children's book. Coraline is a young bored girl who discovers that bricked-up wall behind a door in her flat leads to another world, with another mother, and another father.

Selick also wrote the film's screenplay.

Born to Rock

Paramount Pictures and MTV Films have optioned the Gordon Korman novel Born to Rock and set brothers Gavin and Greg O'Connor (writers of Disney's Miracle) to develop it under their Solaris banner as a potential directing vehicle for Gavin.

Variety says the comedy revolves around a teenager whose Harvard dreams get dashed when his scholarship is revoked after an ethics scandal.

He discovers that his mysterious biological father is the lead singer of a legendary '80s punk band that's mounting a comeback. The youth becomes a roadie in hopes of prying tuition money from his father after bonding with him.

Hyperion will release the novel next year.

Dungeon Seige (update)

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(note: click the pic above to see many more cool images....this site is great!)

Ray Liotta will play the villain, Gallian, in director Uwe Boll's video game adaptation, Dungeon Siege. He joins Jason Statham, John Rhys-Davies, Matthew Lillar, Leelee Sobieski, Burt Reynolds, Ron Perlman and Kristinna Loken in the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says Will Sanderson, former NFL star Brian J. White and German supermodel Eva Padberg have joined the cast as well.

Dungeon Siege, which is based on Gas Powered Games' million-selling PC game franchise, is filming in and around Vancouver through October 11. The $60 million fantasy film is expected to run three hours.

"The story starts in the same way that the first game begins," producer Shawn Williamson of Brightlight Pictures said. "A peaceful town is attacked by the evil krugs, and a reluctant hero emerges to assist in the defeat of the creatures. He is joined by others along the journey."

"Dungeon Siege II" ships for PC from Microsoft Games Studio on August 16. Boll expects the movie to be ready for distribution by late-summer 2006.

The Omen 666

Well Hollywood continues it's neverending quest for unoriginality! So many remakes and not many truely original films anymore. Corporate film making sucks! Here's another example:

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20th Century Fox has hired Behind Enemy Lines and Flight of the Phoenix helmer John Moore to direct The Omen 666, reports Variety.

The film is a remake of the 1976 horror classic about the arrival of the Antichrist in the home of an unsuspecting family.

Dan McDermott is writing a script that contemporizes the story. The project is on a fast track, as the studio has set a tentative October 3 start date.

Notorious B.I.G Biopic


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Fox Searchlight Pictures is in talks with Training Day helmer Antoine Fuqua to direct a feature on the life and times of late rapper the Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls and Christopher Wallace.

According to Variety, the script is being written by Cheo Hodari Coker, a former journalist who also authored the bio "Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G."

The film is being produced by Wallace's mother, Voletta Wallace, and by his former managers, Wayne Barrow and Mark Pitts.

Wallace was gunned down at the age of 24 at a Vibe magazine after-party outside L.A.'s Peterson Automotive Museum in March, 1997. Eight years later, no one has been charged in the murder. Coker, a former writer at Vibe magazine and The New York Times, was the last person to interview the rapper before his murder.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Igor: Unholy Frijoles

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese and Jay Leno have joined the cast of Exodus Film Group's computer-animated short film Igor: Unholy Frijoles. The actors also are in discussions to voice roles in Igor, Exodus' upcoming feature-length computer-animated film.

Igor: Unholy Frijoles is the prequel to Igor, an animated comedy revolving around mad scientists and monsters due out in 2007. Christian Slater will give voice to Igor, a mad scientist's hunchbacked lab assistant who dreams of winning the coveted first-place award at the annual Evil Science Fair and becoming a mad scientist in his own right.

Have a nice day!

Stormbreaker ( update )

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Serkis, the man who provided the movement to Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, and Stephen Fry have joined the cast of Stormbreaker, the producers said Monday.

Directed by Geoffrey Sax from a screenplay by Anthony Horowitz and based on the first of Horowitz's series of novels about a reluctant teenage spy, the cast also includes Sarah Bolger, Damian Lewis, Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okonedo, Missi Pyle, Alicia Silverstone and Ashley Walters.

Serkis will play Mr. Grin, the unfortunately disfigured henchman of megalomaniac villain Darrius Sayle, played by Mickey Rourke, and Fry will appear as Smithers, the secret creator and provider of exotic gadgetry to the spies of MI6.

88 minutes

Jon Avnet will direct Al Pacino in 88 Minutes, a co-production of Millennium Films and Emmett/Furla Films. Variety says the drama is set for an October 15 start in Vancouver.

Written by Gary Thompson (The Fast and the Furious, NBC's Las Vegas), 88 Minutes centers on a college professor who moonlights as a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI. The professor must use his sleuthing skills to save his hide after he's told that he'll be killed in 88 minutes.

Avnet previously directed Fried Green Tomatoes and his most recent feature was 1997's Red Corner.

The Smurfs

LOL! I knew it was only a matter of time till these little blue fuckers made it to the big screen!

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Paramount Pictures has acquired film rights to cartoon characters The Smurfs and set up development of a 3-D CG feature with producer Jordan Kerner and Nickelodeon Movies, reports Variety.

Producers have conceived the project as a trilogy and are aiming to release the first film in 2008 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Smurfs.

The studio has hired Herb Ratner to script. He recently wrote Mr. Lucky for Revolution and co-wrote Focus' Clean Break with Trevor Sands.

The Smurfs originated in 1958 as a Belgian comic strip from Peyo (Pierre) Culliford. NBC launched The Smurfs in 1981, spawning 256 episodes and multiple Emmy awards.

Ghost Rider (update)

Here's a look at the teaser poster for this movie:


And Nick below as the Main Character.


and this is his "Hellcycle" which is actually his motorcycle after it has been Pimped!!


Release Date: August 4, 2006

The Fog (update)

GM! I'm late so I'll start off with a scarey post. Click this pic to see the new trailer for the remake of John Carpentar's The Fog. By the way , I like the shit out of the original....scarey as hell!

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In this horror-thriller there really is something out there in the dark. One hundred years ago, in a thick, eerie fog off the rocky coast of Northern California, a horrible shipwreck occured under mysterious circumstances. Now, shrouded in darkness, the ghosts of the long-dead sailors have returned from their watery graves to exact their bloody, merciless revenge.

Tom Welling, Maggie Grace and Selma Blair star in the Rupert Wainwright-directed film, rolling into theaters on October 14.

I recommend this if you love horror!

Monday, July 18, 2005


I love it when I run across movies like this....very small yet off beat and original....they are very few and far between:

Directed by Phil Morrison it stars: Embeth Davidtz, Allesandro Nivola, Celia Weston, Scott Wilson, Benjamin McKenzie, Amy Adams, Amy Barefoot, Matt Besser, Beth Bostic, Katherine Foster, R. Keith Harris, Victoria Jackson, Tarra Jolly, David Kuhn, John McGee, Jerry Minor, Will Oldham, Joanne Pankow, Adrian Roberts, Chuck Russell, Frank Hoyt Taylor, Bobby Tisdale, Alicia Van Couvering, Caitlin Van Hecke, and Gregory Wagner.

The Story: When Madeleine (Embeth Davidtz), a British-born dealer in regional, “outsider” art, travels from Chicago to North Carolina to pursue a local painter for her gallery, she and her brand-new, younger husband George (Alessandro Nivola) extend the trip to include an introduction to his family: his prickly mother Peg (Celia Weston); his taciturn father Eugene (Scott Wilson); his angry younger brother Johnny (Benjamin McKenzie), who has always suffered in the shadow of his over-achieving brother; and Johnny’s very pregnant and innocently garrulous wife Ashley (Amy Adams).

Although Ashley immediately takes to the sophisticated Madeleine and embraces her as a sister, the other members of George’s family, especially his mother, are less than receptive. With George falling into his old routine of spending time alone, Madeleine relies almost entirely on Ashley to help her navigate the family dinners, Church meetings and Ashley’s baby shower, all while desperately trying to close the deal on the artist. Tensions mount when Ashley goes into labor and each family member’s priorities, Madeleine’s included, are confronted.

"Why doesn't he just grab my ass and get it over with?"

"Yeh , I was the young good looking one!"

"Twenty nine bottles of beer on the wall....!"

"Yeh the art critics will probably call this my bitching about mama period!"

"Once you go fat, you never go back!"

"No! It's easy being a retard painter....just paint anything and everyone calls you a genius."

"I know you like to call him "the greatest living outsider painter", but I just like to call him"my little hose master" !"

Sorry Phil!

Release Date: August 3rd, 2005

Have a nice day!

Misssion: Impossible 3 (update)

Here's a little more information on the latest sequel to the Mission Impossible series:

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Variety says Paramount Pictures will film Mission: Impossible 3, directed by J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) and starring Tom Cruise, in Shanghai for up to a month in November. The film's climactic final scenes will apparently be shot in the cultural capital of China.

The trade says the country will also be used for a fair proportion of the pre-production work, some plate shots and other second unit work.

The $150 million sequel, also starring Ving Rhames, Laurence Fishburne, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Michelle Monaghan, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Maggie Q, will be released on May 5, 2006.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Yes they are back and the Weinsteins are bringing them to us!

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The Weinstein Co. has teamed with Warner Bros. to distribute the first all-CG-animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, reports Variety.

The untitled film, set for release in early 2007, would return the franchise to the bigscreen for the first time since 1993. It continues the "Turtles" revival that began three years ago with the premiere of a new TV series.

"Reintroducing the Ninja Turtles in an animated movie will enable the filmmakers to fully realize the adventure and humor of the property," Weinstein said.

The trade says the CG-animated movie will be grittier than its predecessors, taking its tone directly from the comic book series. It will be aimed at PG auditions.

Animation veteran Kevin Munroe will write and direct. Munroe is developing the screenplay in consultation with "Turtles" comic book co-creator Peter Laird.

Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock (extra)

Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour" films, Money Talks) is set to direct an untitled heist drama being planned as a screen vehicle for Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. Screenwriters Adam Cooper and Bill Collage are negotiating to write the screenplay for Imagine Entertainment. Brian Grazer will produce the Universal release.

The comedy is about a couple of blue-collar guys who aspire to pull off the perfect heist. Murphy came up with the idea and expressed a desire to work with Rock, who is coming off The Longest Yard and voicing Madagascar.

Cooper and Collage will write the film while Ratner directs X-Men 3 for 20th Century Fox.

X-Men 3 (update)

GM! I slept later today lol. We'll start with this little update from Variety:

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Ben Foster (Six Feet Under) will play the mutant Archangel (aka Angel) in 20th Century Fox's X-Men 3, reports Variety.

In the comics, carefree millionaire Warren Worthington III was the high-flying, heroic Angel. But Warren's world came crashing down when dark forces conspired to clip his wings. Recovered from his brush with evil, Archangel again soars the skies alongside the uncanny X-Men.

The actor joins fellow "X-Men" newcomers Kelsey Grammer and Vinnie Jones in the second sequel, which reteams Hugh Jackman, Famke Janssen and Ian McKellen. Brett Ratner is directing the third installment, scheduled to hit theaters on May 26, 2006.

Foster's recent films include Hostage and The Punisher.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I discovered this movie this morning! I song write myself so it was of some interest to me....I hope it is to you also:

Directed by Meiert Avis this movie stars: Pell James, Steven Strait, Kip Pardue, Shannyn Sossamon, Fisher Stevens, Carrie Fisher, Peter Weller, Stephen Moyer, and Ashlee Simpson.

The Story: Set in the world of up-and-coming artists, WANNABE is a heartfelt and comic film that tells the story of an aspiring model who falls in love with a struggling musician when they suddenly cross paths on a NY subway train. Having achieved success as a NY model, Brier (James) decides to move to L.A. to launch an acting career. With the support of her acerbic agent and sometimes surrogate mom, Carrie (Fisher), Brier lands a spot in a highly sought after acting class where she befriends another would-be actress, Clea (Simpson). While out on the town discovering the music scene, Brier again crosses paths with Luke (Strait), a singer/songwriter who has been toiling for years without a record deal. Brier and Clea decide to help Luke and unbeknownst to him, they set out to create some L.A. style hype to get him noticed. As Luke’s profile rises, so do the demands of his budding new career. When Luke and Brier can’t hide the spark that was always there, they both discover that the price of fame may be higher than anyone expected.

Production Stills....hmmmm!!!

"Yeh...this is the way I do it in the woods!"

"Ruff you serious ass hole!!! You always do things better than me!"


"And these clips of Jessica and Nick prove my point that she is a dumb bitch!"

Sorry Ashley!

Have a nice day!

The Fountain (extra)

Here's a look at this very unusual movie. I have heard much buzz about it! This will also poof! in a day or two lol:

Today Movieweb sat in at a roundtable for The Fountain. This is new film by maverick/auteur Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem For A Dream). Attending the roundtable was Aronofsky and one of the film’s stars, Rachel Weisz. During this discussion these two showed an unbridled enthusiasm for a project that seemed to resonate very deeply for the both of them.

The Fountain is an odyssey about one man’s thousand-year struggle to save the woman he loves. His epic journey begins in 16th century Spain where conquistador Tomas Creo (Hugh Jackman) commences his search for the Tree of Life, the legendary entity believed to grant eternal life to those who drink of it’s sap. As a modern-day scientist Tommy Creo, he desperately struggles to find a cure for the cancer that is killing his beloved wife Isabel (Rachel Weisz). Travelling through deep space as a 26th century astronaut, Tom Begins to grasp the mysteries of life that have consumed him for more then a century.

“Warner Bros. was very supportive.” Aronosksy stated, answering questions about how the studio reacted when presented with the idea for backing such an ambitious project. He then went on to say that he gave them “so much persistence they wore them down.” Dealing with a film that has multiple timelines (also in different times totaling up to 2000 years), he explained “emotionally it’s linear” and that it’s “told in a Pulp Fiction kind of way.” Aronofsky then informed us that they went through “15 official drafts” of the screenplay but that “that’s all part of the process. You go too far and then you come back.” In response to questions about the type of production The Fountain was, he described it as a “$35 million dollar guerilla movie.” In regards to the FX in the film (and the effect it has on an actor’s performance), Rachel Weisz went on to say that “the green screen is the green screen” and “how much time is spent in post is irrelevant as an actor.”

Aronofsky says that for how it looks, The Fountain “should be a $90 million” dollar movie. Due to the elongated preproduction of the film they were able to work out a lot of logistical problems and bring the film in for a much lesser amount. As far as the casting of his leading man, “Hugh Jackman really wasn’t on my radar...” then Aronofsky managed to catch him in a Broadway play “and he really went for it.” They met backstage and after talking for a while Aronofsky asked Jackman “What do you want to do next? He said I want to do an ‘Aronofsky film’ and I was like ‘Okay, prove it’.” In order to get Jackman they had to wait another 8 months.

Lastly, Weisz stated that The Fountain is “all about love”. “It’ll make sense when you see it,” Aronofsky explains, “ the film is about rebirth. It was too out there of a project to happen right away.”

Stay tuned for our full transcription of the rountables soon.

The Fountain will be released in 2005 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Underworld: Evolution (extra)

Here's another little story that may go away soon so read it fast! lol :

Today Movieweb had the pleasure of sitting in on a roundtable discussion with Scott Speedman, Kate Beckinsale, Director Len Wiseman and creature creator Patrick Tatopoulos for the forthcoming sequel, Underworld: Evolution. This film follows the very well received Underworld.

The sequel to the $100 million worldwide hit, Underworld: Evolution continues the saga of war between the aristocratic Death Dealers and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). The film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as Selene (Kate Beckinsale), the beautiful vampire heroine, and Michael (Scott Speedman), the lycan hybrid, try to unlock the secrets of their bloodlines. The fast-paced, modern-day tale of deadly action, ruthless intrigue and forbidden love takes them into the battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution.

The first of the two discussions began with Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale. It is apparent that these two actors take their roles of Selene and Michael very seriously, but they also seem to have had a great time on the set and formed a bond through working together.The interview opened with Speedman being asked what he had going on as far as movie roles were concerned. He candidly admitted that he didn’t have much happening in that department, simply because he’s not being offered “the kind of roles” he wants. Beckinsale then said that this new film “immediately” picks up where the other one left off. Both actors also did a lot of their own stunts and Beckinsale stated that for the most part, Director Len Wiseman (and also Beckinsale’s husband), wants them to do as many of their own stunts as possible.

The biggest difference with this film, Beckinsale noted with a smile, was that Wiseman “was in my room more.” Due to this, she had a more intimate relationship with the film in as far as how it is being edited. Beckinsale also informed us that she wears the same outfit that she wore in the last film, while Speedman joked that he got to wear “different pants.” As far as new enemies being introduced in this film, Beckinsale said they “have trouble from another hybrid this time.”

When asked about the prospects of doing Underworld 3 both actors seemed very open to the possibility with Beckinsale stating, “I think there could be... definitely by the end of this movie there’s another twist” which could lead into another film. They also both expressed a great deal of reverence for being able to work with Bill Nighy. “I loved it.” Speedman stated. They also described the training for this second film as “more intense.”

Lastly, Speedman was asked if he would ever consider playing a comic book character like Captain America and Beckinsale was hypothetically offered the role of Wonder Woman. “No.” Speedman stated matter-of-factly while Beckinsale would only offer, “I was Wonder Woman last Halloween.”

After that, Len Wiseman and Patrick Tatopoulos sat down and answered some questions about Underworld: Evolution. Wiseman stated that while he and Beckinsale are husband and wife, this actually helps when he directs her. “She’s very good about saying what she likes and doesn’t like.” Also, he can communicate his ideas easier to her because he can “cut through everything... you’re not walking on eggshells.” When asked if the success of the first film brought about any big changes with the making of the sequel, he stated that “having a crew that really knew what to do” was the biggest change. Not wanting to insult the crew from the first film, he stated that “the process” of getting the first movie made was a “struggle.” He was shooting in Budapest, Hungary with a crew that was very new to the filmmaking process. As a result, he said he had to “wear many hats” in order to pull of making the original Underworld.

Getting Patrick Tatopoulos to be the creature designer was a case of Wiseman basically telling him, “you have to do this movie!”. Tatopoulos stated that he feels Underworld: Evolution “is very much a period piece”, and that on this film there were “new werewolves and vampires... it was great fun for me.” When asked about the new hybrid that Beckinsale had alluded to during her roundtable discussion, Wiseman stated that it was “above and beyond Scott himself” in terms of the powers it has.

Lastly, when asked about the prospect of a third Underworld film, Wiseman stated, that he’s “undecided on whether that would be a full prequel or a third film that would just progress.” He then went on to state that “I am just a geek with the whole internet scene...” and that he pays attention “to what the fans like or don’t like.” He went on to say that as far as having certain elements in his films, when he reads enough about a certain thing on a message board he might say “I wasn’t planning on it, but if you guys are really interested, I’ll do that.” When asked if his wife could play Wonder Woman he grinned and said, “I think she’d be great.”

Underworld: Evolution opens in theaters nationwide on January 20th, 2006 through Screen Gems.

Comic Com pictures

GM! This is an odd post and it will probably only be good for today and maybe tomorrow when they relocate these pics, but I thought it might interest you:

Walt Disney Pictures may have given a first look at a picture of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest villain Davey Jones at the San Diego Comic-Con. The studio handed out the following poster, which may show the character played by Bill Nighy in the first of two upcoming sequels.

In the follow-up, due out July 7, 2006, Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) owes a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly Flying Dutchman. If Jack can't figure a crafty way out of this one, he'll be cursed to an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation.

Bill Nighy previously stated that Jones is the villain and that the character will be created using special effects. "I am a very, very, very, very bad man and I am there to make people suffer in all new ways, in ways that you won't have seen before," he said. "I have a boat and I have a crew, and they are really evil buggers. I'm so computer generated that you might have trouble spotting me. You'll know it's me, but you might have to check the credits afterwards," he laughed. also picked up a Superman Returns pin, a Ghost Rider cap, a bag for The Chronicles of Narnai: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Transformers pins. Those items follow:

I like seeing these kinds of things....Hope you do also!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Since it is a slow movie day I'll profile this new movie for you.....enjoy!

Written and Directed by Rob McKittrick it stars: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, David Koechner, Kaitlin Doubleday, Alana Ubach, Vanessa Lengles, Chi McBride, Luis Guzmán, John Francis Daley, Robert Patrick Bennedict, and Andy Milonakis.

The Story: A hilarious comedy about frustrated waiters, stingy tippers and dicey food, Lions Gate Films' "Waiting" stars Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long and Anna Faris as young employees battling boredom at Shenanigan's, a generic chain restaurant.

A waiter for four years since high school, Dean (Justin Long) has never questioned his job at Shenanigan's. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life. Dean's friend Monty (Ryan Renolds) is in exactly the same boat, but he couldn't care less. More concerned with partying and getting laid by underage girls, Monty is put in charge of training Mitch (John Francis Daley), a shy new employee. Over the course of one chaotic shift, Mitch gets to know the rest of Shenanigan's quirky staff: Monty's tough-talking ex-girlfriend, Serena (Anna Faris), Shenanigan's over-zealous manager, Dan (David Koechner), and head cook Raddimus (Luis Guzman), who's obsessed with a senseless staff-wide competition known only as "The Game"...

Featuring stoned busboys, unsanitary kitchen antics, and lots of talk about sex, "Waiting" is a hysterical, behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant industry, and an affectionate ode to those lost, and thoroughly unproductive, days of youth.

Looks like this movie could be fun!

"Oh my God! I have such a fricking Chocolate Monkey on my back!"

"I 've told you I don't do $100 blowjobs anymore...I was just drunk that night!"

"I told you .....NO live Crabs in the salad!!!"

"Yes! Can you believe it? I only did this to the great dane's balls and they arrested me!"

"Hell no! You're not leaving till we see that anaconda!"

Release Date: September 23rd, 2005

OK guys have a nice Saturday!

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