Sunday, May 22, 2005

War of the Worlds (update)

This is a slow movie news day but I have found a couple of posts for you on this wonderful sunday. With the summer blockbusters beginning this weekend (Star Wars), more information is leaking out from the upcoming movie War of the Worlds. I loved it when I saw there was a fresh batch of stills released. Here they are:


"Now Say it Again!! TOM IS NOT GAY!!!"


"I don't care whose Muscle Man Blow up doll it is...Just get it off my set!"


"No I swear God , I never ever take a crap in the woods normally"


"Don't you recognize me? Even with the bad Jacket I'm Tom Fucking Cruise!"


"Oh my, Tom looks so funny with that Stop Sign up his ass!"


"I don't care if we are being invaded by another world, we still need some young me to fight in Arak."

Sorry Steve and Tom and Dakota.


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