Saturday, May 14, 2005

War of the Worlds (update)

I think I'll end my posts today with a few more new production stills just released from the new War of the Worlds Film......hmmmm production stills:

"Steven get Nicole the fuck off of the set!"

"Just Beat it! Beat it! all you have to do is Beat it!"

"Whew, Tim that's the worst premiere for one of my movies ever."

"Frodo....What a stud!"

"Then the Longshoreman cut the fucking wolf's head off and they all lived happily ever go to sleep"

"Oh my God, not another gay rumor!"

"Tom did NOT grab my ass on that last shot."

"If all those birds shit at the same time ....we've had it!"

"A Threesome Tim , Tom , and Steven....I'm scarred for life!"

Sorry's all in fun.

Have a good day!


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