Sunday, May 08, 2005

War of the Worlds (update)

This is a wierd little Post ....kind of a "what the fuck...I don't have anything else" post lol. It seems to be photos of a promotional truck for the upcoming movie War of the Worlds. I'm dieing here with nothing to post so here goes these lame pics of the new truck. Next I'll be showing my family picture albums I guess lol.

"They probably won't know what it is if we stop here Steven. Ok Tom show em another pic"

"Now that's better Tom, but you need to get the gay porn off of the screen!"

"I don't know Steven , an alien hand holding a ball in his hand...I'm beginning to see a trend here!"

Sorry Steve and Tom....just a desperate attempt to squeeze a little entertainment value out of three lame pictures on a bad news day lol.


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