Monday, May 09, 2005

Then She found me

Well Helen Hunt is back as a director. Variety brings us this story:

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Oscar and Emmy winner Helen Hunt (As Good As It Gets, Mad About You) will star in and make her feature directorial debut on Then She Found Me, a Killer Films-produced drama that Hunt adapted from an Elinor Lipman novel, reports Variety.

Negotiations are under way for Diane Keaton and Woody Harrelson to join her. The film will shoot later this year.

Hunt will play a Philadelphia schoolteacher hitting a midlife crisis. In quick succession, her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her real one, an eccentric talkshow host, materializes and turns her life upside down as she begins a courtship with the father (Harrelson) of one of her students.

"It is a story about betrayal and the surprising, funny and redemptive things that are borne out of that," said Hunt, who has been working on the script on and off for seven years.


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