Monday, May 30, 2005

Indiana Jones 4 ...Yes Rush Hour ....No!

Variety reports that screenwriter Jeff Nathanson's scripts for Indiana Jones 4 and Rush Hour 3 are moving in opposite directions.

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While the trade previously reported that Chris Tucker was expected to sign a $20 million deal which would fast-track New Line's Rush Hour 3, the actor ended up not doing so.

Meanwhile, Nathanson's draft for Indiana Jones 4 has apparently met with the approval of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. But before Paramount can move forward, Harrison Ford still has to sign off on the script, and he hasn't yet read it.

The trade adds that with "Star Wars" off his plate, Lucas recently summoned Nathanson to his Bay Area headquarters, where they went over the draft. The screenwriter also got notes from Spielberg, who brought him into the mix after working with him on Catch Me if You Can and Terminal.

Scheduling Indiana Jones 4 for a 2006 start will be tricky for Spielberg, who next heads to Europe to shoot his untitled drama about the aftermath of the 1972 Munich Olympics for Universal and DreamWorks, and is expected to follow in January with a DreamWorks film about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, to star Liam Neeson.


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