Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Fog (update)

I like this old John Carpenter film and as a matter of fact own the DvD myself, so naturally I will pass along all of the information I find about it's sequel's progress. Here's a little rambling article that looks into it a little more:

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In 1980 John Carpenter terrified movie goers with The Fog, a tale of shipwrecked ghosts coming back to seek revenge 100 years later on a town that sinisterly led them to their deaths.

Now twenty-five years later, The Fog is being remade in hopes of capturing and appealing to audiences all over again. The Sony remake stars Selma Blair (Hellboy), Tom Welling (Smallville), and Maggie Grace (Lost) and is much different than the original. got to hang out on the set in Vancouver, British Columbia and watch what really happens behind the scenes.

The day we were there, director Rupert Wainwright was shooting the scene in which the characters discover what is really going on.

"The scene that we're doing right now which you can see is in the town hall which is kind of the museum to all the things these town folk are proud of," Wainwright explains.

The set was highly detailed with stain glass, marble floors, and white thick fog rolling past the outside windows of the town hall. It had a very distinctive odor and the cast had this to say about it.

"On different days they put lavender. Sometimes sage", Welling said.

"Sometimes chemical drugs", Blair chimed in.

"It's Canada. It's a lot of smoke I tell ya", Welling continued.

"Do you have a headache from the fog? Are you thinking of suing Sony"? That seems to be what she's getting at Blair joked. She continued imitating a reporter "Is the fog scary in real life on the set? Yes."

The scene includes the entire cast and they're trying to get away from the fog by securing windows and moving furniture to block the door. When Wainwright yelled "action", Welling and a new character in this remake named Spooner, played by comedian DeRay Davis, run into the town hall and barricade the door with a bookcase.

Grace is standing next to Father Malone who is holding a journal and he's explaining to them how they are "children of murders". Grace looks terrified and confused by what he's saying.

Spooner angrily approaches Father Malone and says "Don't bring my forefathers into this. I'm from Chicago. Southside".

The director yells "cut" and then a loud bell sounds. The actors take their places and they shoot the scene again.

After the scene was finished being shot, Welling explains the difference in this version of the film. "This is younger. It's quicker. It's a little edgier I think. I think all of us are going to bring that to the film… I think this film is taking its own direction".

Wainwright elaborates on the changes. "Before obviously the journal was found in the church, so it's circled around the church. And here one of the things we sort of focus on is the nexus between the past and present".

Blair talked about why she liked the differences in her character Stevie and why she was happy to not have as many scenes by herself as her character did in the original.

"Yeah that was a relief. When I saw the original right before I went in to audition she [Stevie] was obviously very isolated and I really love having the energy of other people around me. That kind of gets me going for better or worse. But that's what I'm use to and love. I was really scared and intimidated to be in a room by myself talking on a microphone".

Wainwright also talked about Grace's character changes. "She's from the town. She's left, she's coming back to the town for a variety of different reasons and part of that is what is sort of a deeper reality for her character which eventually gets involved in the world of the town".

Welling gave props to Grace for her draining schedule between shooting The Fog and Lost.

"Now she's being modest. She literally came in for 3 hours to work then went back to Hawaii".

"But, I'm going back to Hawaii. I'm like yeah I have to go back to Hawaii Tom," Grace joked.

"This has been a pretty crazy ride this year and I've gone through it with a really really amazing group of people and now I'm going through it with another group of amazing people", Grace continued.

When asked if he could be more specific as to why Grace's character comes back to town, Welling laughed. "That's when you go see the movie".

The Fog will be rolling into theaters on October 14.


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