Thursday, May 26, 2005


Variety gives us this bit of news on a new movie in developement:

Walt Disney Pictures has hired 102 Dalmatians and Tarzan helmer Kevin Lima to direct the romantic fable Enchanted, a mixed live-action and CG-animated feature, reports Variety.

The film is about a wannabe-princess who's banished from the animated world of Andalasia to a place where there is no true love: real-life New York. There she has to rescue herself and find her true love.

Bill Kelly, who wrote the original spec script, is back on the project, which has undergone multiple rewrites over the past seven years. He will ready the script for a hoped-for September start. The movie will shoot in New York.

Casting is soon to begin on three major roles: Princess Giselle, her New York lover and the evil Queen who banishes her.


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