Thursday, May 12, 2005

American Dreamz

Well I'm back after taking a day off. I was just too busy with my video business to do this yesterday. I'll start with a bit of news from Variety:

Paul Weitz will direct American Dreamz at Universal Pictures, reports Variety. The social satire will reunite the helmer with actors who've appeared in previous Weitz films, including About a Boy star Hugh Grant.

Talks are under way to bring aboard Dennis Quaid, who starred in In Good Company, and Chris Klein of the "American Pie" films. Mandy Moore is also negotiating to join the movie.

Paul Weitz, who wrote the script, described "Dreamz" as a satire of American politics and show business. "The movie examines the role of dreams and ambitions in American culture," Weitz said. "It's about what's wrong with America and how close it is to what's right with America."

The film, starting as early as July, follows several characters drawn from the political and entertainment spheres. Grant, for instance, will portray a disaffected British TV personality, while Quaid is in line to play the U.S. President going through a nervous breakdown.


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