Thursday, March 31, 2005


The new diary is out this time featuring Peter Jackson himself. Here is the link.

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The Wedding Crashers

This movie is directed by David Dobkin and stars Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Christopher Walken, Will Ferrell, Isla Fisher, and Jane Seymour.

The Story: Two of comedy’s hottest stars - Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson - team up for the first time in Wedding Crashers, a fast-paced comedy of love turned upside down. Vaughn and Wilson star as a pair of divorce mediators who spend their weekends crashing weddings in a search for Ms. Right…for a night. But when one of them falls for the engaged daughter (Rachel McAdams) of an influential and eccentric politician (Christopher Walken) at the social event of the year, they get roped into spending a wild weekend at the family’s palatial waterfront estate and quickly find themselves in over their heads. Wedding Crashers is directed by David Dobkin (Shanghai Knights).

" Can you see this booger from there?"

"What I'm wondering tonight is what is the girl from The Ring doing sitting behind me to my left?"

"And the third stripper said....."

Release Date: July 22, 2005

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Hollywood Reporter offers up this new bit of info:

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Kristen Bell of UPN's "Veronica Mars" and newcomer Steve Talley will star in the sci-fi supernatural thriller "Pulse," set for release by Bob and Harvey Weinstein's Walt Disney-free Dimension Films label.

Commercial director Jim Sonzero is making his feature debut on the horror film, which is slated to begin shooting in early summer in Romania.

They also added the following:

"Pulse" is a remake of the Japanese movie "Kairo." The story revolves around a Web site that turns out to be run by a sinister force. As more people go to the site, the supernatural force begins to dominate the lives of those that log on. Bell and Talley's characters team up to unravel the mystery.

The script was written by Wes Craven and rewritten by Vince Gilligan. Craven was once attached to direct.


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Accordint to Variety, Paramount Pictures believes in Superstition, buying Neal Marshall Stevens' horror spec script and setting it up with Radar Pictures and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes.

Story, based on the novel by Brit mystery writer David Ambrose, centers on a scientifically conducted seance that draws a deadly ghost who shifts reality to account for its existence.

Deal reteams Radar and Platinum Dunes on a thriller following their collaboration on The Amityville Horror, which MGM's releasing April 15.

Paramount exec VP Brian Witten and Ed Goemans will supervise for the studio, which is hoping to start production in the fall.

Stevens' credits include Warner's 13 Ghosts, Dimension's Hellraiser: Deader and New Line's Molly's World. Platinum Dunes came on as a producer to Molly's World last month; that pic's centered on a psychiatrist drawn into the world of a patient who killed her family in an effort to protect them from a supernatural element.

Stevens said Superstition drew his interest because of the originality of Ambrose's story, in which a university psychologist tests his theory that human minds have the psychic ability to create a ghost. "I think the novel's a great jumping-off point for a movie, especially since I mostly get offered projects that have been done a lot -- usually involving slashers or teenagers trapped in the woods," he added.

Lady in the water

Accordint to Variety, days after setting his next film, Lady in the Water, at Warner Bros., M. Night Shyamalan is moving quickly to set Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard in the starring roles.

Shyamalan has for several days been courting Giamatti to play a building super who finds a sea nymph in his apartment building's pool, and he has tapped Howard to play the title character.

WB will make formal offers to both thesps today for an August start date and a July 2006 release.

Sam Mercer is producing the project through Shyamalan's Blinding Edge shingle.

Pic will mark a reteaming for Shyamalan and Howard, who starred in his last film, The Village. She replaced Nicole Kidman in the Lars Von Trier-directed Manderlay and next stars for Kenneth Branagh in the HBO Films-financed theatrical feature "As You Like It." She also will play the title role in Mary Queen of Scots for Warner Independent Pictures.

Giamatti is coming off Sideways and will next be seen starring opposite Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger in the Ron Howard-directed Cinderella Man.

Now this is a movie I eagerly await, I didn't like M. Night's last movie that much, but this one looks great.

The Devil's Rejects

I know this is late to post today, but Blogger was not online when I usually post so I'll do a couple for you now....sorry.

Thus film was written and directed by Rob Zombie and stars Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon, Karen Black, Irwin Keyes, Robert Allen Mukes, Ken Foree, Michael Berryman, Tyler Mane, Danny Trejo, Natasha Lyonne, Rosario Dawson, M.C. Gainey, and Leslie Easterbrook.

The Story: The sequel to "House of 1000 Corpses" centers on a band of bounty hunters led by Sheriff Wydell's brother who is fueled by revenge when he finds out that his kin was slain by the Firefly family. The film will pick up shortly after the first with the Firefly clan going on the road after their house is burned down and a few family members have been gunned down during a police raid.

"These Hooters look good even in a mug shot!"

"I guess the next time we all go to pay the mortgage we should leave the guns at home"

"You see when I hold this gun in my left hand like this , she looks like she has a pecker!"

"And I put my face next to her crotch like this..."

"Now dance Rob, Dance like a little girl"

"OK people in this scene I need you all to act like I am an actual Director of legit films"

Sorry Rob I hear your films are pretty good for an amateur...just a little playing.

Release date: August 12, 2005

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Casino Royale

After years of rumor and speculation, actor Clive Owen may finally have been nailed down for the role that everyone on the planet seems to think he should play!

The Movie Reporter at IESB has a picture of Owen with the enigmatic caption:

"BREAKING NEWS Clive Owen confirmed to be the next James Bond? More Details to Follow 3/28/05"

If what currently is still just a rumor turns out to be true, Owen will follow the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and most recently Pierce Brosnan as agent 007 in the upcoming adaptation of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale, the 21st James Bond film. That title was originally used for a 1967 spy spoof starring Peter Sellers, David Niven and Woody Allen, but this would be the first time that Fleming's novel would be given the "Broccoli treatment."

Martin Campbell, who directed Owen with Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders, has already been hired to direct the 21st Bond film.

They messed up in my opinion....They should have kept the current bond for now. Pierce Brosnan was at the top of my favorate bonds, along with Sean Connery.

Monday, March 28, 2005


I decided to finish my posts with this movie about the small town of Madison, Indiana. My father was born there, and I have been there several times. Take a look.

This movie was directed by William Bindley and stars Jim Caviezel, Jake Lloyd, Mary McCormack, Bruce Dern, Brent Briscoe, and Paul Dooley.

The Story: Madison is a father-son action/drama based on the inspiring true story of the tiny river town of Madison, Indiana and its legendary efforts during the hydroplane racing season of 1971. In addition to the thrills of 180-mph flat-bottomed boat racing, the picture captures the spirit of a small American River town struggling to stay alive as water transportation has virtually disappeared.

(Ahah....Production stills lol)

"Dad is it true you were Jesus?"

"How do I explain to the kid that a small fish ate my whole Pole?"

"Dam that wasn't the motor....Old Bubba farted!"

"Damn I'm in Trouble! Who would've thought the neighbor's cat wouldn't stretch that far?"

"You think that's something...well I haven't had a bowel movement in 3 years!"

"No baby, when the scars heal, not even your momma will know you're a man!"

Man that felt good to rag on a few movie stills lol.

Release date: April 22, 2005

Inglorious Bastards (update)

According to The Arnold Fans, Quentin Tarantino wants Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a part of his upcoming World War II film, Inglorious Bastards.

Of the pairing of this top notch cast he reportedly has said, "I've said it once and I am going to say it again. I want Bruce, Sly and Arnold for my World War II epic. I have always dream of having these 3 superstars together in a movie. Initially Inglorious Bastards was suppose to be in production way back in 1998 with these casts but I shifted my attention on my other projects such as Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Sin City. And right now I think it's the best time to have them. I am very well free right now to focus on this big project that I have had in mind for quite a number of years. I am very well getting this into production this year for a 2006 release".

Aside from wanting Michael Madsen in the cast, according to AICN, Tarantino has also expressed interest in having John Travolta, Harvey Keitel and Adam Sandler on board as well.

Deja Vu

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Scott, the director of films like Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Spy Game is in talks to reunite with Jerry Bruckheimer to direct the romantic thriller Deja Vu for Walt Disney Studios. Written by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii, the film is about a FBI agent who travels back in time to save a woman from murder, falling in love with her in the process. Scott is currently finishing up Domino, the bounty hunter film starring Keira Knightley, for New Line Cinema.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

Variety reports that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six has a new writer:

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Paramount has tapped Zack Snyder to write and direct its adaptation of Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six," centered on Clancy's shadowy John Clark CIA agent character.

Story centers on Clark joining with several colleagues to leave the CIA and create an England-based multinational org designed to battle terrorism. Paramount co-president Tom Jacobson is overseeing the project.

Snyder directed Universal's remake of "Dawn of the Dead," which grossed $59 million domestically last year.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ten 'Till Noon

This is a very creative small movie that just might be worth a look:

Directed by Scott Storm , the movie stars Paul J. Alessi, Alfonso Freeman, Rayne Guest, Jason Hamer, Dan Hagen, Jennifer Hill, Justin Huen, Ron Kochevar, Tom Kopache, Dylan Kussman, Jenya Lano, Erin Stutland, Rick Wasserman.

The Story: In ten minutes, everything can change. For these ten people, it will. A jet-lagged Larry Taylor awakens to find two strangers in his bedroom, and over the next ten minutes, will experience the most terrifying - and possibly final - moments of his life. But who these strangers are, and whay they want, can only be determined by events occuring elsewhere, and at the same time. We relive those same ten minutes through the eyes of those connected to what is not a simple home invasion, and with each person, find ourselves propelled closer to the truth.

This film opens on July 15, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (update)

Here are a few pictures from Harry Potter's new movie that I found on Proudlard.Org , a french site.

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If you speak french, there's more to read on the site. Unfortuneately I don't speak french.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Paradise now

Here is a small film to be released on Sept. 23,2005. It was written and directed by Hany Abu-Assad and stars Kais Nashef, Ali Suliman, Lubna Azabal, and Amer Hlehel.

The Story: "Paradise Now" is the story of what may be the last 48 hours in the lives of two Palestinian men - friends since childhood - who have been recruited as suicide bombers. When they are intercepted at the Israeli border and separated from their handlers, a young woman who discovers their plan causes them to reconsider their actions. But with pressure mounting, time running out, and passions running high...there's no way to know which way they will go.

"Paradise Now" is especially noteworthy because it gives voice to Palestinian condemnation of violence. As a testament to its humanity and its balanced portrayal of such volatile subject matter, the film has received official backing from the Israeli government.

With all of the honors it has won so far, this may be something you want to look out for.

The Chronicles of Narnia (update)

I know I just updated this movie, but there has been 3 conceptual art drawing released and this is going to be a big movie so....enjoy:

These pics don't mean much to me, but to someone that has read the book they will probably mean something.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Fog (update)

Filming has begun in Vancouver on Revolution Studios' The Fog, a remake of the classic 1981 horror/thriller of the same name. Directed by Rupert Wainwright, the film is based on The Fog, written by John Carpenter and the late Debra Hill. The film will be released by Columbia Pictures on October 14th, 2005.

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The film is being produced for Revolution Studios by Carpenter (Halloween), Hill (Escape from L.A., The Fisher King, Escape from New York, Halloween) and David Foster (The River Wild, The Thing, Running Scared) from a screenplay by Cooper Layne (The Core). Derek Dauchy and Dan Kolsrud are serving as executive producers. Shane Riches is serving as associate producer. The film stars Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, DeRay Davis and Rade Serbedgia.

In Revolution Studio's horror/thriller The Fog there really is something out there in the dark. In the small town of Antonio Bay, a terrifying and malevolent force hidden within a thick and eerie fog terrorizes its residents. Shrouded by the fog lies a ghastly secret of merciless revenge, one that the town's inhabitants would do well to unravel -- before it's too late.

"The Fogis one of the true classics of the horror genre, and we are thrilled to be updating it for today's audience," said Revolution Studios Partner Todd Garner. "We are working with a tremendously talented young cast and director along with two accomplished filmmakers, John Carpenter and David Foster. We hope that this film serves as a lasting legacy to the late Debra Hill, who was instrumental in making this film possible."

Tom Welling is best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman in the television series "Smallville." His other credits include the feature film Cheaper by the Dozen.

Maggie Grace currently stars in the breakout hit television series "Lost." Her other credits include the television series "Oliver Beene" and the television movies "12 Mile Road" and "Murder in Greenwich."

Selma Blair most recently starred in the film In Good Company. Her other credits include A Dirty Shame, Hellboy and Legally Blonde.

DeRay Davis will next appear in the film Jiminy Glick in La La Wood. His other credits include Johnson Family Vacation, Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back in Business.

Rade Serbedgia will next be seen in Batman Begins. His other credits include The Quiet American, Snatch, Mission: Impossible II, Stigmata and Eyes Wide Shut.

Rupert Wainwright recently directed the feature film Stigmata. His other credits include "Blank Check," the television series "Wolf Lake," and the television movie "Dillinger."

The Fog hits theaters on October 14th, 2005.

War of the Worlds (update)

Here are a few new production stills from War of the worlds:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (update)

Narnia Fans has received a press release from Weta Collectibles which reveals The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe polystone sculptures, and in turn gives you an early peek at characters in the anticipated Disney adaptation. Here's how the products are described:

Hand sculpted at Weta Workshop by the same team of artists who designed the armour, weapons and many of the creatures for the film. Darkhorse comics have joined with us as the premier distributor for this exciting limited edition collection.

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Reuters caught up with screenwriter Robert Harling who adapted Dallas for director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law). Here are a few interesting clips from the interview:

"It's reinventing the Ewing family as if they existed now in 2006 when the movie comes out," Harling said, explaining that he did not follow the plots developed over more than a decade in the series, though fans will recognize some things.

"In this story Bobby and Pam meet, fall in love and get married, J.R. and Sue Ellen are Macbeth and Lady Macbeth and we have the patriarch Jock and the matriarch Miss Ellie."

"These characters are outrageous -- one of things I told the studio is I'd like to do 'Dallas on acid,"' Harling said, promising humor, glamour, cliff-hangers and suspense.

The Tender Hook

We'll begin our posts today with this from Production Weekly:

Radha Mitchell (Melinda and Melinda), Ray Winstone and Matt Le Nevez are attached to star in the 1920s film noir title The Tender Hook, for writer/director Jonathan Ogilvie.

The Tender Hook centers on a young woman's rise to the apex of a love/power triangle in the world of boxing.

Production Weekly says the project is set in a stylized version of jazz-age Sydney.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


I will end my posts for today with this movie directed by Brett Leonard and starring mogen Bailey, Steve Bastoni, Matthew Le Nevez, Robert Mammone, Jack Thompson, Patrick thompson, and William Zappa.

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The story: Based on the Marvel Comics series about a mindless swamp creature who grows more dangerous as your terror grows. Innocents may be safe, but "Whoever knows fear BURNS at the Man-Thing's touch!"

This movie will be released sometimes later this year.

Have a good day.

Dead I may well be

According to The Hollywood Reporter, John Lee Hancock will adapt and direct the revenge drama Dead I Well May Be for Universal Pictures.

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Anonymous Content's Steve Golin and David Kanter are producing. Written by Adrian McKinty, the book follows a street-savvy illegal immigrant from Ireland who lands a job as an Irish mob enforcer in New York in the early 1990s.

"This is a wonderfully written book focused on an Irish anti-hero who grew up amid the brutal civil wars of Belfast, and it's certain to add new depth to the action-film genre," Golin said. "John Lee Hancock is a masterful writer and director. We are confident that he will give Adrian McKinty's novel the screen translation it deserves."

This movie has Potential I think.


I feel like a whore for even telling you about this money making exploitation of the family, but for those who care here is the news as it comes from Variety:

Warner Bros. Pictures has closed a deal with NeoPets to make CGI-animated features using 50 different pet species from the kids website. NeoPets will co-finance development of the films.

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Variety says the studio and NeoPets have already firmed a concept for the first film and have begun talks with an animation director they would not name.

Created in 1991, NeoPets has a global following of about 25 million members -- mostly preteens -- who log on regularly to create and care for their own virtual pets, follow storylines about the pets that populate Neopia and pit their virtual NeoPets against those of other website users.

WB execs hope that translates into the kind of pre-sold audience that turned out for such films as "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers," "Pokemon" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

NeoPets is currently signing a promotional deal with McDonald's and a PlayStation 2 game to be released this summer.

I hate movies that are born out of business.

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