Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Up and Down

This is another of my reports on small movies soon to come.

Written and directed by Jan Hrebejk it stars Jiri Machacek, Petr Forman, Emilia Vasaryova, Natasa Burger, Jan Triska, and Ingrid Timkova.

The Story: In the dead of the night, near the Czech-Slovak border, two smugglers discover their truckload of illegal Indian immigrants have left a baby behind.

In a small Prague apartment, Franta (Jiri Machacek) and Mila (Natasa Burger) dream of having a child, but Franta -- on probation because of his soccer hooliganism past -- is not allowed to adopt, and Mila is unable to conceive. After cashing in on her savings, Mila decides to buy a baby from a pawnshop that fronts a den of thieves and pickpockets.

Meanwhile, an unusual family reunion is taking place: Academy professor Otto (Jan Triska) collapses while teaching, prompting his estranged son Martin (Petr Forman, son of director Milos) to return to Prague from Australia to see his father and his mother, Vera (Emilia Vasaryova), long separated from Otto whom she still pines for. Otto is now living with the beautiful and much younger Hana (Ingrid Timkova), who works in a refugee aid center helping immigrants to adjust to their new lives...

"Is that my slippers that little bugger is pissing on?"

"Now open your mouths wider and look like you've laid an ostrich egg!"

"I would never have become a policeman if I 'd know about this fucking hat"

Release date: February 25th, 2005


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