Thursday, February 17, 2005

Son of the Mask

This last post is for anyone who has been on another planet lately and hasn't seen the trailer for the sequel to the Mask.

Directed by Lawrence Guterman , this movie stars: Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Traylor Howard, and Bob Hoskins.

The Story: A decade after the legendary Mask of Loki wreaked havoc on the life of an unsuspecting adult, the magical mask finds its way into the possession of a child in the family comedy Son of the Mask. When cartoonist Tim Avery's (Jamie Kennedy) new son is born with the Mask's spectacular powers - to the dismay of the family's jealous dog - it turns the household upside down and launches a kid versus canine battle for control of the Mask. But unbeknownst to them all, Loki has come looking for his mask and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Featuring incredible special effects work from the Academy Award-winning Industrial Light & Magic team and Tippett Studio, Son of the Mask is directed by Lawrence Guterman (Cats & Dogs). The film also features a talented ensemble cast that includes Alan Cumming, Bob Hoskins, and Traylor Howard.

(Hmmm Production stills)

"Yes mam, I just removed this from your dogs ass!"

"How about some Porn, I'm sick of this Animal Planet!"

"Whew , no more Red Beans for me"

"Should I hump her leg now ? or later? "

This movie comes out tomorrow.


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