Friday, February 18, 2005

Four Radcliffe Movies

This is a four in one report from the Hollywoood Reporter:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Platinum Studios has acquired rights to the next four graphic novels by horror writer Wil Radcliffe to develop as live-action features.

The four properties are "Bone Hill", a thriller about a psychiatrist trying to save a young female patient whose psychoses might hold the key to ending an ancient evil; "The Whisper King," about a man who must protect a group of kids from the monsters who abducted him as a child; "Macabre," a teen supernatural horror story about a young man possessed by a vengeful spirit; and "Play Dead," in which a family is haunted by the malevolent spirit of their beloved household pet.

I usually only do reports that mention the movie's name, but made an exception for this report of multiple movies by the same writer.


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