Monday, February 14, 2005

Beauty Shop

Since Queen Latifah hosted the Grammys last night, I thought I would end today's posts with information on her upcoming movie "Beauty Shop".

This movie is directed by Bille Woodruff and stars: Queen Latifah, Kevin Bacon, Djimon Hounsou, Alicia Silverstone, Mena Suvari, Little JJ, Andie MacDowell, Alfre Woodard, Bryce Wilson, Wilmer Valderrama, and Golden Brooks.

The Story: You thought you'd heard it all in the barbershop, but you haven't heard anything yet - the women get their own chance to shampoo, shine, and speak their minds in "Beauty Shop". From the producers that brought you "Barbershop" and "Barbershop 2," Queen Latifah stars as Gina, a hairstylist who opens a shop of her own.

"You only wish it was longer than this little finger!"

"I don't know, you still look like a snoody bitch to me!"

"Does he think I don't know he's playing "Pocket Pool" "

Sorry Queen lol

Release Date: March 30th, 2005


At 7:30 AM, Blogger miyna said...

she is my HOMIE! i kid you not, that's my girl right there...

i don't know if i want to see that movie though. she really messed up doing 'Bringing Down the House' (it was sooo bad).

At 7:59 AM, Blogger DavRaptor said...

Barber Shop looks like it could be better than Bringing down the house...hope anyway.


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