Monday, February 28, 2005

The Cry of the Icemark

Variety supplys us with this little story also, which I will end with today:

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According to Variety, Fox 2000 has optioned Stuart Hill's fantasy bestseller "The Cry of the Icemark," with Courtney Pledger and Sarah Radclyffe of London-based Jigsaw Films attached to produce.

The book, which has sold 25,000 hardback copies since its U.K. publication a month ago, will be launched Stateside in April via Scholastic.

Set in a mythic, quasi-Nordic prehistory, story concerns a teenage queen fighting to save her homeland from a powerful invading army. She and her best friend, a witch's son, must bring together an alliance of werewolves, vampires and talking snow leopards to combat the invaders.

Cunningham, best known as the publisher who discovered J.K. Rowling, has a first-look deal with New Line, with whom he is developing a movie version of Cornelia Funke's novel "Inkheart."

Have a good day...

Every Word is True

From Variety also comes this news of a Truman Capote biopic:

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Hope Davis will replace Michelle Pfeiffer as socialite Slim Keith in Warner Independent Pictures' Truman Capote biopic Every Word Is True, written and directed by Douglas McGrath, reports Variety.

The script is based on George Plimpton's 1997 oral biography "Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career."

In the story, while researching his book "In Cold Blood," Capote (Tobey Jones) develops a close relationship with convicted murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.

Sandra Bullock, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, and Sigourney Weaver also star.

This should be an interesting film.


Have you wondered what happened to Sophia Coppola, the wonder girl from "Lost in the Translation"? Well wonder no more, Variety reveals what she is up to:

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Rip Torn will star in Sony's Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation). Variety says Torn will play Louis XV, father of Louis XVI, played by Jason Schwartzman. Kirsten Dunst is toplining as Marie.

The biopic about the 18th century Gallic queen recently started production in France.

Coppola wrote the screenplay for the film, which she is producing with Ross Katz through American Zoetrope. Fred Roos, Francis Ford Coppola and Paul Rassam are executive producing.

The Legend of Zorro (part 2)

Yes, you heard it right a sequel to the Zorro movie with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Freeze Dried Movies reports:

Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are re-united with director Martin Campbell in Columbia Pictures' epic adventure "The Legend of Zorro". The year is 1850 and our swashbuckling crusader is challenged by the most dangerous mission of his life.

After fighting to help California become the 31st state of the Union, Zorro (Banderas) must live up to the promise he made his wife Elena (Zeta-Jones) - to give up his secret identity and live a normal life as Alejandro de la Vega. When he hesitates, it threatens to tear them apart. Now, the same forces that conspired to keep California from becoming part of the United States are plotting to unleash a threat that has been 500 years in the making, a threat that could change the course of history forever. And only Zorro can stop it.

Thx Freeze Dried.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I have three pics that were taken from the Goblet of fire Harry Potter movie....They come from These seem to picture the Dragon.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Happy Endings

I've bitched so much today I had to give this day a happy ending.

Written and directed by Don Roos, this comedy stars: Tom Arnold, Jesse Bradford, Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Clarke, Steve Coogan, Laura Dern, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Ritter, and David Sutcliffe.

The Story: Mamie is being blackmailed. This filmmaker named Nick claims to know Mamie's son – the one she gave up for adoption – but Nick won’t introduce her to him unless he can film the reunion. Enter Javier, Mamie's massage therapist boyfriend, who convinces Nick to film him instead. Now they're all making a movie about massage. And 'happy endings'...

"You can't tell me Rosanne's ass isn't as big as that 1/2 ton Pic up."

"I wonder if he knows he's 2 quarts low."

"You call this Porn? I've seen better on the family channel."

"They have to notice I have a bowl of popcorn balanced on my wrists."

"Wow, that is one Huge painter's crack!"

Release Date: July 15th, 2005

And so goes a slow movie news day.

Ladies in Lavender

This is a small movie that has a lot of talent in it.

Written and directed by Charles Dance, this Austrailian movie stars: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Daniel Bruhl, Natascha McElhone, Miriam Margolyes, David Warner, and Toby Jones.

The Story: Set in picturesque coastal Cornwall, in a tight-knit fishing village in the 1930’s, Ladies in Lavender boasts the cream of British acting talent as Oscar and BAFTA award-winners Dame Judi Dench (Iris, Chocolat, recent James Bond films) and Dame Maggie Smith (Gosford Park, Tea with Mussolini, the Harry Potter films) play the leading roles of sisters Ursula (Dench) and Janet Widdington (Smith).

Rising German talent and award-winning Daniel Bruhl (Goodbye Lenin!) plays Andrea. A gifted young Jewish violinist from Krakow, Andrea is bound for America when he is swept overboard by a fierce storm. When the Widdington sisters discover the handsome and mysterious stranger on the beach below their house, they nurse him back to health. However, the presence of the musically talented young man disrupts the peaceful lives of Ursula and Janet and the community in which they live.

This is the kind of movie that would get lots of awards, so keep your eye on it.

Ice Princess

I'll start off today's posts with a Disney movie. Wasn't this movie made already and called Ice Castles?

Directed by Tim Fywell it stars: Joan Cusack, Kim Cattrall, Michelle Trachtenberg, Hayden Panettiere, Trevor Blumas, and Juliana Cannarozzo.

The Story: A high-school bookworm transforms into a swan in Walt Disney Pictures' "Ice Princess." Brainy Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) has never quite fit in. Caught between her fantasy of becoming a championship figure skater and her strong-willed mother (Joan Cusack), who has her on the fast track to Harvard, she can only hope to be like Nikki, Tiffany and Gen (Hayden Panettiere) - three elite skating prodigies who are ruthlessly competing on the US Figure Skating circuit (and have attitudes to match). But when Casey gets the chance to train with Gen and her coach, a disgraced former skating champion who also happens to be Gen's mother (Kim Cattrall), she must dash her own mother's hopes in order to pursue her dream. Now, with only the support of Gen's teenage brother, a hunky Zamboni driver (Trevor Blumas), Casey takes on the challenge of her life when she finds herself competing against the best to make it into the championship circuit and become a real "ice princess."

There was a time before Jeffery Katzenburg helped to revive their movie unit when Disney sucked as a movie maker. They made stupid fluff movies that were designed by business men and not movie makers. Lately it looks like Disney could be headed down the same path again. Pixar has produced Disney's best animation in years and they have moved on. Katzenburg is with Dreamworks. This movie seems to proove my point. I hope I'm wrong because I grew up loving all that was Disney, but looking at their line up, the only movie I see coming that I truely look forward to is "Pirates of the Caribbean", the rest I can take or leave. This movie is a prime example of a movie I could have lived without.

Bad weekend for New Movies

Though tonight is oscar night, I find there to be less news about coming movie projects. I have also had less traffic this weekend than any since I first started this Blog. What does this mean?....who knows. I just find it very ironic.

On these days I usually struggle to find a movie to report on. I'm sure this morning will put me to the test, so don't expect much.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Known World

Here's a hot flash that will set the civil rights movement back 100 years if it's not done with sensitivity:

According to Variety, John Wells Prods. has optioned Edward P. Jones' Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Known World" and hired Anna Deavere Smith to pen the adaptation.

Published in 2004 by HarperCollins, the historical novel is based on the little-known story of free black Americans who owned slaves.

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This is truely a bold new but wacky world.

Star wars : Episode 3 (update)

I showed you almost every still in the movie Star Wars: Episode 3 so here is even more spoiler information about the enviornments in the film. From comingsoon I pass on this information:

In the most recent newsletter, they released some information about the planets seen in Episode III. Here are some of the highlights (note that we get to meet Princess Leia's step-mother):


A center of art and beauty in the galaxy, Alderaan is an unspoiled world that exemplifies pacifist ideals. Representing Alderaan in the Senate is Bail Organa, played by Jimmy Smits, the eventual adoptive father to Princess Leia. Alderaan is seen briefly in the film, with stunning photography gathered in the Swiss Alps, augmented by a gleaming palace added digitally.

The Episode III Art Department developed the look of Alderaanian culture as extremely advanced and sleek, with tight jumpsuits and streamlined headsets being the norm aboard Alderaanian starships. Present in the film are several prominent natives of Alderaan, including Captain Antilles of the Tantive IV played by Rohan Nichol and Queen Breha Organa, played by Rebecca Jackson Mendoza.

Cato Neimoidia

A key "purseworld" of the Trade Federation, Cato Neimoidia is home to many treasure troves belonging to the greedy Neimoidians. In the early development of Episode III, Cato Neimoidia was to be a gas giant ringed by a flat, disc-like space station - reminiscent of the donut-like shape of the Trade Federation battleships seen in Episode I. The opulent interiors of Cato Neimoidia were to be stocked with riches, gleaming precious metals, and other gaudy examples of excess.

In the finished film, Cato Neimoidia is marked with skyscraper-filled cities lining bowed bridges that span enormous gaps - its two-word definition during development was "bridge world." Episode III dialogue referring obliquely to a sticky situation involving Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Commander Cody on Cato Neimoidia was expanded to become the opening chapters of the novel Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno.


The capital of the Republic, and eventual birthplace of the Galactic Empire, the city planet of Coruscant figures prominently in Episode III as it has the entire prequel trilogy. Returning locales include Padmé's apartment, which has been expanded to include a spacious verandah; the Jedi Temple, which includes such new chambers as a high tech computer room, military briefing room, and gunship hangar; and the Senate building, which includes the Chancellor's holding office from which extends his commanding podium.

A prominent new location is the Galaxies Opera House, where Supreme Chancellor Palpatine maintains a private viewing box. In the film, he is witness to a zero-gravity Mon Calamari aquatic ballet.


A stronghold belonging to the Commerce Guild, Felucia is the site of a Republic mission led by the Twi'lek Jedi, Aayla Secura. Early in the development of Episode III, George Lucas planned on depicting the fall of the Separatist home-worlds in the Clone Wars, and each Separatist faction and species was given a distinct planet of their own. Felucia was to be home of Shu Mai and her Gossam people. The early artwork described it as a "kelp planet" and a "fungus planet."

For the film, the look of Felucia was locked through a detailed concept model built at Industrial Light & Magic. The planet is a dense mixture of yellow, blue and green hues, expressed through exotic vegetation and fungi, including enormous bottle-like pitcher plants that color the sunlight like a stained-glass window. Native creatures include large grub-like beetles used as mounts and translucent life forms, like gossamer-winged birds with flesh like gummy candy.

Miami Vice (update)

We'll begin this morning with this little update on the new Miami Vice movie:

People magazine and the Colin Farrell Fansite have a first look at Colin Farrell in character on the Long Beach, California set of Universal Pictures' big screen Miami Vice adaptation. Michael Mann (Collateral) wrote and is directing the action-drama which hits theaters on July 28, 2006.

Farrell plays Det. James "Sonny" Crockett and Jamie Foxx is Det. Ricardo Tubbs in the movie version of the '80s cop drama. The original series starred Don Johnson as Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas as Tubbs.

Click to view full size image

These are the first stills I have seen on this movie....looks like they were taken with someone's home cam.

Friday, February 25, 2005


Ok I've avoided this movie up until now because it looks like it sucks....other than the skin factor that is. I'm sure some would like to know more so here it is to finish off my posts for today.

Written and Directed by Angela Robinson this movie stars: Sara Foster, Jordana Brewster, Devon Aoki, Jill Ritchie, Meagan Goode, Michael Clarke Duncan, Holland Taylor, Geoff Stults, Jimmi Simpson, Jessica Cauffiel, Ryan Xavier, and Michael Mastro.

The Story: Recruited by the U.S government for their unique ability to lie, cheat and fight, Amy, Max, Janet and Dominique join an underground academy of secret agents known only as D.E.B.S. These crime fighting hotties set out to save the world and keep their lipstick perfectly applied while doing so. Now the girls must combine their skills for their most important mission - to capture vexing vixen Lucy Diamond, the deadliest criminal the world has ever known. When D.E.B.S. star player, Amy, falls for Lucy, chaos erupts and the D.E.B.S. loyalty is put to the test.

"Do we look hot enough or should we kiss?"

"hmmm she reminds me...I wish I had a lolly pop right now"

"Ok bitch , you have licked me 4 times.....that's enough!"

Too bad I'm not still in High School I could put me in the picture with that green screen background.

"No , I'll lick you all I want, your gun isn't loaded"

I know, I'm such a sick bastard. But it's such fun lol.

Release Date: March 25th, 2005 (today)

The Sigma Protocol

From the Hollywood Reporter comes this news:

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Writers Michael Ferris and John Brancato have been hired to adapt Universal Pictures' The Sigma Protocol, one of the last books written by author Robert Ludlum, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The project centers on an American economist who becomes the target of professional assassins. When a U. S. intelligence agent investigating his case finds herself discredited, the two end up on the run and uncover a vast multinational conspiracy manipulating the global economy and world events.

I have never read his books, but will probably see this movie.

Forget about it

This news comes from Variety:

New Line Cinema has hired Elizabeth Kruger and Craig Shapiro to adapt Forget About It, an unpublished manuscript by Caprice Crane, with Scarlett Johansson attached to star.

Variety says the romantic comedy concerns a woman who fakes amnesia in order to dodge her life's responsibilities and discovers it's the most empowering thing she's ever done.

Crane, the former head writer for MTV, is the daughter of actress Tina Louise. Her debut novel, "Stupid and Contagious," is scheduled for publication through Warner Books.

Kruger and Shapiro are also adapting Universal Pictures' Little Earthquakes, based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner. They recently did a rewrite on Bridge and Tunnel for New Line and wrote the comedy Sports Widow for Universal; Reese Witherspoon is attached to star.


Jason Biggs ("American Pie" films), Bruce Greenwood (I, Robot) and Moon Bloodgood have joined Paul Walker in Walt Disney Pictures rescue adventure Antarctica.

The story, based on a National Geographic article, starts with two explorers who set out across Antarctica but are forced to abandon their sled dogs in bitter weather and turn back. Walker plays the leader of an effort to rescue the dogs.

Biggs plays the field engineer at the base, Greenwood a university professor who joins Walker on the expedition. Bloodgood plays a pilot who helps them.

The Frank Marshall-directed film started shooting February 21 in British Columbia.

This will be a movie to watch for also, though not much is known yet.

Puss in Boots

DreamWorks has hired screenwriter David H. Steinberg (Slackers, American Pie 2) to write the animated film Puss in Boots, based on the character voiced by Antonio Banderas in Shrek 2, reports Variety.

Banderas will return to voice the spinoff, which is part of DreamWorks' slate for 2008. The trade says it is unclear at this point whether the title will receive a theatrical release or go directly to DVD.

However, Steinberg's six-figure deal suggests the studio has an interest in making a run at a theatrical release.

Steinberg is writing the remake of MGM's Love at First Bite as well as Other People's Wishes for Warner Bros. Pictures.

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This image cracks me up lol!

Robots (update)

Here are a few new Production Stills from the Movie "Robots" I reported on earlier:










The last Pictures were, of course, the stars and their characters in the movie.

I would bet this movie will be good, based on the Ice Age movie which was done by the same production company.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Well I'll start out this morning with news of the sequal to the very popular and funny as hell movie "Ice Age". I'll tell ya, I laughed my ass off on this movie. It will be coming out on March 31, 2006, but that's all of the information I have at this time....will update as the information is available.

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Scrats face makes me laugh for some reason. I'll see this movie for sure.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Off the Map

I found this small independent movie in my travels this morning and decided to place it in the lead position on my blog today. As I've said before, sometimes these small movies bring a new and fresh experience. Whether this one will supply that....I can't say. For better or worse, here it is:

Directed by Cambell Scott, it stars Joan Allen, Valentina de Angelis, Sam Elliott, J.K. Simmons, Jim True-Frost, and Amy Brenneman.

The Story: Across the ancient high desert landscape of northern New Mexico, an extraordinary family embarks on a lyrical journey of self-discovery that reveals unexpected moments of grace and the unpredictable but enduring nature of love. In Campbell Scott's "Off the Map," the poetry of a time and a place marked by simplicity comes into full bloom.

It's 1974 and the harshly beautiful wilds of Taos are home to 11-year-old Bo Groden (Valentina de Angelis) and her free-thinking family. While constantly yearning for escape from her sparse environment, Bo passes the time with flair and imagination. She's a crack shot with a rifle and a bow and arrow, an artful plunderer of wallets and briefcases, and the compelling mistress of ceremonies for a moonlit three-ring circus of her own invention. Bo's home is an entrancing, challenging place that she will one day transcend to become the woman she was destined to be.

Arlene (Joan Allen), Bo's warm, earthy, and eccentric mother, raises most of the family's food in her vegetable garden -- which she prefers to tend in the nude. Meanwhile, Bo's father, Charley (Sam Elliott), the embodiment of Old West masculinity, is losing the battle with his inner demons.

When William Gibbs (Jim True-Frost) arrives, a hapless IRS agent with demons of his own, he soon proves to be a catalyst in the lives of the family during this watershed summer. Embraced by the Grodens' idyllic, peculiar world, Gibbs eventually abandons an investigation into the Grodens' tax history and realizes he has fallen in love with both the place and its people.

In a surge of creative energy, Gibbs dips a brush in paint and pours his feelings out on canvas, discovering a long hidden talent for artistic expression. The Grodens, too, make their own discoveries over the course of this memorable season -- the mysteries of love and loss, the power of family unity, and the eternal truth that in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, anything is possible.

The trailer for this movie is located here.

Damn! No Production stills lol. Have a nice day.


Another story from variety:

According to Variety, Christopher Walken will star opposite Adam Sandler in the upcoming laffer Click for Columbia Pictures and Revolution Studios, directed by Juan Jose Campanella.

Click, penned by Steve Koren and Mark O'Keefe (Bruce Almighty) centers on a workaholic architect who finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.

The deal's not final for Walken, who will next be seen in New Line's The Wedding Crashers. In Click, he'll play a mysterious man who gives the Adam Sandler character the remote.

Production is expected to start in early summer.


Also from Variety comes this news of a John Travolta project:

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John Travolta is close to signing to star as the zaftig Edna Turnblad in the movie version of the Broadway musical Hairspray, reports Variety. Harvey Fierstein created the stage role of the Baltimore laundress-housewife, played by Divine in the 1988 John Waters movie.

The trade adds that screenwriter Leslie Dixon, who co-wrote Travolta's 1993 Look Who's Talking Now, has replaced Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan on the project. The writing duo wrote the book for the musical.

Whether Dixon retains the actors/screenwriters' contributions is an open question. She has already turned in a first draft. Her previous crossdressing film was Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams.

Hairspray is expected to go before the cameras in September.

Now this might be interesting to see....I can't even imagine John in this role lol.

Breaking and Entering

From Variety comes this hot flash:

Jude Law will star in director Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering for Miramax Films, says Variety. Law previously collaborated with Minghella on The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain.

The actor is in advanced talks to play Will, a London architect in personal and professional crisis whose life collides with that of a young immigrant.

The film, which starts shooting in April, will mark the first time Minghella has directed one of his own original screenplays since his feature debut, Truly Madly Deeply, in 1991.

CSI (off topic)

While I'm off topic anyway lol here's a bit of shocking news for me. From the Hollywood Reporter comes the whole story:

Quentin Tarantino ("Kill Bill" films) has signed to direct the season finale episode of CBS' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, says The Hollywood Reporter. Tarantino also has come up with an original story for the episode, which is expected to shoot in early April and air May 19, according to "CSI" executive producer Carol Mendelsohn.

Tarantino has long been a fan of the stylish forensic drama as series creator/executive producer Anthony Zuiker learned when he bumped into Tarantino at an awards show during "CSI's" first season. "He knows everything there is to know about 'CSI,' and he is into the whole mythology of 'CSI,'" Mendelsohn said. Zuiker, in particular, "worships Quentin," she added.

Mendelsohn said the story will involve a plot that finds one of the key members of the CSI team, led by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), in serious jeopardy. The teleplay will be written by Mendelsohn, Zuiker and Naren Shankar.

Shocker huh? I can't wait to see this episode. I am also a big fan of CSI.

Well now that I've gotten my off topic posts out of the way.....back to what you expect.

The Exorcist: The Beginning (off topic)

Good Morning! I find myself on a site called bloody disgusting to cover this piece of news. The trailer for the Renny Harlin Prequel for the Exorcist can be located at this link.

This is not a coming soon movie, but will have the unedited version of the movie that was censored at the movies.

I put this in here because I hate censorship in all of it's forms. I feel that a few should not dictate to the many what they are to see....Period! The dvd will have the unedited version.

3/1/05 is the Release Date.

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