Thursday, January 20, 2005


I found this movie from the Producers of "Shrek". It is directed by Gary Chapman and will have the vocal talents of: Ewan McGregor, Sir Ben Kingsley, Jim Broadbent, Rupert Everett, Hugh Laurie, John Hurt, Ricky Gervais, John Cleese, Tim Curry, and Olivia Williams.

There is two trailers online, and they both show the movie to be as clever and visually stunning as "Shrek".

The Story: During World War II, England communicated with the French Resistance and Allied troops in Europe using the Royal Pigeon Service, using carrier pigeons that went through a rigorous training regimen. This is the story of Valiant, a comically clumsy misfit of a (wood) pigeon who sneaks his way into the Royal Pigeon Service, eager to contribute his efforts to the needs of his country, even though he is vastly unqualified to do so. Immediately given an assignment, Valiant's job turns out to be one of the most important of the war... carrying essential messages from the French to the Allied forces who are about to storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day.

There is no production art available at this time.


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