Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sin City

This is another movie that I am revisiting to give a little more depth to it. If you remember it's written and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and will be released on April 1rst, 2005.

The story: An adaptation of Frank Miller's stories based in the fictional town of Sin City. Chief amongst the town's residents is Marv, who trawls the darkest areas of town looking for the person who killed his one true love, Goldie.

This is a very stylized movie, and I personally like those if done right. They went out of their way to capture the look and feel of the gritty comic book this is based on. I've included some art to give you a better feel for the look of the movie.....there is also a trailer at

Buy the Sin City Movie PosterBuy the Sin City Movie PosterBuy the Sin City Movie PosterBuy the Sin City Movie Poster

just half of the posters for it .....what's the deal?

The comics are done in black and white , but I see the studio must have forced a little color into the movie.


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