Sunday, January 23, 2005

Harry and Max

Written and Directed by Christopher Munch , this is another small movie starring Rain Phoenix, Cole Williams, Bryce Johnson , and Michelle Phillips. This movie is listed as a Comedy, Drama. I don't have a clue what that means....maybe a broken arm that's funny....don't know.

The Story: Harry (Bryce Johnson), aged 23, is a former boy band idol who is watching his younger brother Max (Cole Williams), aged 16, follow in his footsteps. Harry escorts Max on a long-promised camping adventure to the San Gabriel mountains above Los Angeles but things quickly turn serious as the boys discuss Harry's contradictory relationship with their family. Max's longing to connect with Harry both physically and emotionally grows even more, wanting to bring stability to Harry's life. In an effort to create a type of alternative family for his brother, Max goads Harry to rekindle his affections for his former girlfriend, Nikki (Rain Phoenix). Back from the weekend, Max realizes that he must redefine his relationship with his brother, and that only by setting boundaries can the boys grow into adulthood together.

There is a trailer for this movie and here is the link:


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