Monday, January 24, 2005

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

I was facinated by the premise of this movie, and the warmth of the trailer. I'd have to classify it as a ChicK Flick with comedy.

The Story: "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" is set in an affluent community and focuses on Helen, a devoted and loving wife who, on the eve of her 20th wedding anniversary, is rudely surprised to find that her husband Charles wants to divorce her in order to be with her best friend. Struggling with this sudden change, Helen is forced to deal with many new and upsetting feelings, sending her into a comedic barrage of confrontations while she struggles with her anger, bitterness, jealousy, denial, revenge, and selfishness. Finally, Helen realizes that if she is to recover from the changes in her life, she must rely upon the strength of her faith, lifelong values and the compassion and forgiveness required to heal the hurt.

"Oh Lord these drawers are killing me!"

"Woman if you think this is a building standing up here, you'd better think again!"

"Judge, doing the entire 3rd Fleet is being a Super Slut, not a Whore!"

"Oh my God! Are those Horns growning out of my head?"

Guess my irreverance knows no bounds lol

Release Date: February 18th, 2005


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw a preview recently. at its core it is a movie with a christian message. the premise is that only jesus; not buddha,not mohammed, can save you.

it's a movie made by manipulative marketers targeting african american communities with a syrupy hallmark approach -- the good guys are shown through a vaseline filtered lens; the bad guys are shown in darkness.

message: be nice to women; don't do drugs, don't accept money from drug dealers, be nice to your children, forgive your enemies, and trust in the lord.

it's a reaganesque 'morning in america' film with jesus as the candidate, and "highlights for children"'s goofus as the bad guy and gallant as the good guy. the drama isn't dramatic and the comedy isn't funny. for the first half of the movie, the leading lady is singularly doe-eyed, captured like a deer in the headlights, without a human touch. when she's mean, she's really really mean, without a touch of the doe-eyed performance -- it's as if we're seeing two entirely separate roles from this beautiful actor. it's reminiscent of one episode of david lynch's "twin peaks," without the beauty, wonder, tragedy, comedy, or irony. in fact, it's as if this movie had 4 different unit directors and writers who never met; comedic, dramatic, one from hallmark, and one from "the practice".

wait for the DVD.


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