Friday, January 21, 2005

The Corpse Bride

Old Wacky Tim Burton is back with , what I think is a very beautifully done animated feature. He has his old partner in crime Johnny Depp doing the lead voice along with Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Albert Finney and Richard E. Grant.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (2005) Poster
The Story: Set in a 19th century European village, this stop-motion, animated feature follows the story of Victor, a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to a mysterious Corpse Bride, while his real bride, Victoria, waits bereft in the land of the living. Although life in the Land of the Dead proves to be a lot more colorful than his strict Victorian upbringing, Victor learns that there is nothing in this world, or the next, that can keep him away from his one true love.

The trailer for this will give you a much better take on the movie. Here is the link:


As in all of Tim Burton's creations , they have his distintive finger prints on them. He is a truely creative and orignal movie maker , like him or not.

Release Date: September 23, 2005 Nationwide.


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