Monday, January 31, 2005

Bomb the System

I started to end the posts for today with Be Cool, but then ran across this fascinating film. Being an artist myself, I connected with this plot.

Written and directed by Adam Bhala Lough this film stars: Mark Webber, Jaclyn Desantis, Jade Yorker, Al Sapienza, Bonz Malone, Joey Dedio, Stephen Buchanan, Kumar Pallana, Lee Quinones, and Gano Grills.

The Story: "Bomb the System" is the first feature in over 20 years to delve into the world of graffiti art. The film, shot entirely on the streets of New York City, is the feature debut of 23-year-old writer/director Adam Bhala Lough.

Mark Webber ("People I Know," "Storytelling," "The Laramie Project") leads a talented young ensemble cast as Blest, a 19-year-old graffiti writer fresh out of high school with no ambition for the future.
New York City is Blest's playground. He spends his days stealing spray paint from local hardware stores - and his nights getting high and "bombing" the streets with his graffiti crew. He is the most wanted writer on the NYPD Vandal Squad's hit list, and at the same time, is attracting attention from the local gallery scene.

But things quickly turn ugly when 15-year-old Lune, the youngest member of Blest's crew, is arrested and brutalized by the NYPD. The crew retaliates by waging an all out "graffiti war" against the city: a war that ends up costing more than one life in the end.

"Bomb the System" is a true New York story - a cinematic poem dedicated to the art of graffiti, and to the city where it all began more than two decades ago.

Release date: April 8th, 2005

The trailer link

Be Cool

Chili Palmer is back! Yes there is a sequel to the hit movie "Get Shorty".

This installment is directed by F. Gary Gray and stars: John Travolta, Uma Thurman, The Rock, Vince Vaughn, André 3000, Paul Adelstein, Scott Adsit, Kimberly J. Brown, Cedric the Entertainer, Brian Christensen, Keila Collins, Danny DeVito, Carol Duboc, James Gandolfini, Arielle Kebbel, Harvey Keitel, Alex Kubik, Nick Loren, Debi Mazar, Christina Milian, Minae Noji, Lance Norris, and Steven Tyler.

The Story: John Travolta is back as Chili Palmer in Be Cool, a sequel to the comedy smash Get Shorty. This time, Chili becomes a different kind of “hit” man – he abandons the movie industry to bring his wiseguy skills and negotiation tactics to the music business.
When a friend is offed while they’re at lunch, Chili takes the opportunity to visit the guy’s wife, Edie (Thurman), and pitch himself as her new business partner at an independent record label. With a promising young pop-star-in-training as his protégé (Milian), Chili has to juggle her faux-urban manager (Vaughn), his gay, wannabe-actor bodyguard (The Rock), Russian mobsters, and an eloquent gangsta music producer (Cedric) to save the label and land a hit – and keep from getting popped himself.

"John...Honey, what do you think is wrong with this picture?"

"Whose your daddy?"

"Now is not the damn time to tell me you're a man!"

Release date: March 4th, 2005

Imaginary Heroes

This movie listed as comedy - Drama looks like it might be something to consider....once again based on all of the elements it is composed of.

This movie stars: Sigourney Weaver, Jeff Daniels, Emile Hirsch, Michelle Williams, Ryan Donowho, Kip Pardue, Deirdre O'Connell, and Jay Paulson......and is directed by: Dan Harris.

The Story: "Imaginary Heroes" centers on a family that on the surface seem to have the ideal life. This perfect façade is smashed when an incomprehensible event shatters the Travises, spinning their lives out of control. Only by facing the truths about themselves, each family member must confront the past in order to regain control of their future.

"Mom do you even know whose porch this is?"

"just stick a pole up my ass and call me Freddie Walenda"

"Dude....quit playing with SuperGlue!"

"I thought dad was crazy when he said he could shrink us down"

"K Mart shoppers, we are missing 5 black bras in isle 3....what's the deal?"

"Jeff, no shit, you're sitting on the cat!"

I do love ragging on these production stills lol

Release date: February 18th, 2005

The Wrong Element

Oscar-nominated "Sideways" co-star Virginia Madsen has signed on to join Harrison Ford in the thriller "The Wrong Element."

Ford plays a security expert who specializes in making banks theft-proof. His wife (Madsen) and daughter are kidnapped in order to force him to steal money from a bank he's been hired to protect. Paul Bettany plays the bad guy. Richard Loncraine will direct the Warner Bros. project. Bettany and Loncraine previously worked together on "Wimbledon ."

The Sentinel

This movie looks like it's shaping up to be a must see. It's produced by Michael Douglas's production company, written by the Ocean's Twelve writer and the cast is: Michael Douglas, Keifer Sutherland, Kim Basinger and Eva Longoria, the hot actress from Desperate Housewives.

Here's a bit of the Story according to Coming Soon:

Special Agent Pete Garrison (Douglas) suspects that the neo-Nazi Aryan Disciples have positioned one of their own in the White House, but his investigation is cut short by a blackmailer who knows of his affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine (Basinger) and tries to frame him for murder. Though he is officially relieved of his duties, Garrison doesn't stop trying to prove his innocence and save the presiden't life. He comes into a direct confrontation with his protege, hardheaded Agent Breckinridge (Sutherland).

I'd go see this movie just based on the people involved.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Weather man

I'll finish off my posts for today with this movie, no doubt to be a hit. It is directed by Gore Verbinski and stars : Nicolas Cage, Michael Caine, Hope Davis, Gemmenne de la Peña, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Rispoli, Judith McConnell, and David Darlow.

The Story: Popular Chicago weatherman, Dave Spritz (Nicholas Cage) has a shot at the big time when a national morning television show calls him for an audition. Professionally, Dave is on the top of the world, but his personal life is in complete disarray. The harder he tries to hold on, the more he loses his grip.

I like Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine and look forward to seeing this movie. My wife works in TV so it has a little more attraction to me since I have seen the workings of local TV.

"Hmmm I smell a fart....was it me or him?"

"You'd never suspect that 5 minutes ago this bow and arrows was up my bosses ass"

Release Date: April 1rst, 2005

See trailer here


This is an interesting subject for a sci fi movie. Thought I would share it with you.

Directed by: Katsuhiro Otomo and starring : Anna Paquin, Alfred Molina, and Patrick Stewart.

The Story: A retro science-fiction epic set in Victorian England, "Steamboy" features an inventor prodigy named Ra Stim who receives a mysterious metal ball containing a new form of energy capable of powering an entire nation. This young boy must use it to fight evil, redeem his family, and save London from destruction. The lush Victorian interiors and the elegance of the era's mechanical design allows Otomo to create dazzling visual backgrounds and machines for this film. With more than 180,000 drawing and 400 CG cuts, "Steamboy" is sure to be one of the most elaborate animated features of 2004.

Japanese language trailer for the movie is at this link
(I thought you might either enjoy it ....or enjoy and understand it lol if you speak japanese)

Either way this movie will be released on: March 18th, 2005

The Boys from County Claire

This movie looks good to me at first glance. The trailer for it made me want to see it. Maybe it was the nude girl...who knows lol. Anyway seems like a good small film to see.

Set in Ireland the director is John Irvin and the movie stars: Phil Barantini, Zelia Attzs, Patrick Bergin, Charlotte Bradley, Margi Clarke, Andrea Corr, Shaun Evans, Bernard Hill, Colm Meaney, James Nesbitt, Marc O'Shea, and Philip Richey.

The Story: This heartwarming comedy centers on two brothers, John Joe and Jimmy, who haven't seen each other in twenty years. Having parted on bad terms, they meet at the All Ireland traditional music finals as leaders of rival Irish dance bands. Romance ensues between Anne (Andrea Corr), a beautiful fiddle player, and Teddy, a brilliant young flute player, members of the rival bands leading to more than just a musical rivalry.

The link to the trailer for it

Release date: March 11th, 2005

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe (update)

Curtesy of ComingSoon we have some scans from US comic distributor, Diamond. The scans show some of the merchandising for the film Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe.

The new catalogue from U.S. comic distributor Diamond, soliciting for items to be released about two months down the road, has ads for the Hitchhiker's movie toys, including pictures of the plush line, a Marvin's gun (Marvin with a gun?) and for the first glimpse anywhere-Vogons!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Toys

These scans give me a little more idea of what this movie will look like....this company has been very stingy with information on the film. Makes me wonder....are they unsure about it meeting up to the fans expectations? The trailer, so far was just a teaser....very generic. This could be a very big movie.....or a very big disappointment...I will update as the information is available.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Roll Bounce

Last to post today and certainly least is:

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee it stars: Bow Wow, Chi McBride, Mike Epps, Wesley Jonathan, Meagan Good and Nick Cannon.

The Story: In the late ‘70s when roller skating was a way of life, X (Bow Wow) and his pals ruled supreme. But when the doors of their local skating rink close, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of another that sees the boys venture into foreign territory - uptown’s Sweetwater Roller Rink, complete with its over-the-top skaters and beautiful girls. Through his preparation for the showdown of the season - the Roller Jam skate off with the Sweetwater crew - X manages to find himself and also help his dad (Chi McBride) get back on track.

Wow! The air inside of this plot is so thin, I don't think any of the stars will survive it lol. This is obviously just a way to exploit the popularity of Lil Bow Wow....who I see has dropped the Lil (guess his voice changed). This is clearly a see it at your own risk, unless you can't read this article, then you'd probably enjoy it .

"The gravity shoes are fine, but the antennas have to go!"

"Country music? With bow wow as the star!"

Beyond the Gates

This is a very interesting storyline for a movie. I can't tell by the description whether this movie is a true story or totally fiction.

Directed by Jim Hanon, the movie stars Steve Saint, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming.

The Story: Set in the Basin of Ecuador, the docu-drama tells the story of the Waodani, one of the most violent tribes the world has ever known. The primitive customs of this isolated tribe demanded that the Waodani kill not only their enemies and outsiders, but also their fellow tribes-people. Fueled by fearful superstition, they sometimes even buried their own children alive. The Waodani were the most violent society ever documented. Six of every 10 deaths of Waodani adults were homicides. In 1956, following a promising initial exchange, five young missionaries further attempted to make peaceful contact with the notorious tribe, but were brutally speared to death. However, the violent end of the missionaries' lives was only the beginning of the Waodani story. Shortly after the killings, the wife of one of the fallen men and the sister of another went into the jungle to live with the Waodani. Two years later their message of peace and forgiveness had transformed the tribe. The homicide rate fell by 90%. Nearly forty years after the death of his father, Steve Saint returned to the jungle to live with the killers of his father. His new life with the tribesmen answered many childhood questions about his father's death. The irony of the story is revealed as the very same Waodani, who killed the five missionaries in 1956, now share in their incredible story of how their lives--and those of their people--have been changed forever.

"hmmm Lunch!"

"How in the hell did I get this pole stuck up that monkeys ass?"

"Yeh kids, pollution is up 95% since we opened that cream of banana soup factory"

"Ok whose next to wack off in front of the camera crew?"

Alright, my need to be a smart ass is satisfied ! lol

Release Date: Next week!

King Kong (update)

A new installment of the Peter Jackson diaries, from the set of his remake of the King Kong movie is now available. This time we look at shooting the New York scenes of the movie.

These diaries are an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes of the cutting edge of high tech film making. It 's a must see for Peter Jackson fans.

The link for it :

The Bourne Ultimatum


Mat Damon has signed on to star in yet the third installment of the Bourne Identy series which will be Called: The Bourne Ultimatum. I don't know any details yet but wanted to pass on the information to you anyway.


Well, Jet Li is back and kicking stronger than ever. This movie will also feature Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon, and Andy Beckwith. The Director is Louis Leterrier....Where do they get all of these unknown directors?

The Story: This is the story of Danny (Li), a slave who has lived his whole life without any sort of normal human education, with the mind and personality of a young child, with only one lesson learned: how to fight. Treated like a dog by his owner/boss, Bart (Hoskins) which includes having to wear a collar, Danny has been raised to be a lethal fighting machine who fights in illegal gladiator-style fight clubs, where he earns lots of money for Bart as the undisputed champion. After a car accident that lands Bart in a coma, however, Danny meets a kind elderly blind piano tuner (Freeman) on the run because he knows secrets some bad guys don't want known, who uses music to teach Danny some things about the world and about being human...

For anyone who is feeling a hole in his or her life because there just isn't enough wall to wall Karate Kick-ass action in their life....this is your movie. I have to say I also like the Jet Li movies once in a while...they usually are fun.

See trailer at:

Release date: April 8th, 2005

Friday, January 28, 2005

The Honeymooners

Decided to revisit this movie with more information that has just been released.

Cedric the Entertainer, along with Mike Epps, Regina Hall, and Eric Stoltz are starring in this John Schultz movie which is based on "The Honeymooners" tv show which featured Jacky Gleeson in the lead. Very clever Idea.

The Story: New York City bus driver Ralph Kramden and his feisty wife Alice, struggle to make ends meet. Despite Ralph's many get-rich-quick schemes/motivational speaker tape series, they've managed to save some money and, along with their best friends Ed and Trixie Norton, they seem to have almost enough money for a down payment on a Brooklyn duplex. However, when Ralph decides to try to impress Alice by making up what he's lost and augmenting their savings with another of his crazy schemes, he winds up losing all their money and his marriage to boot -- and it takes all his determination and love for Alice to get things on track again.

Sounds like the same old Ralph Kramden from the tv show. I hope it is as funny.


"Now shake that booty baby!"


Release Date: March 11, 2005

This Could be a good movie......will it be?

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

Uh Oh....I barely liked the first one, and now we get a second dose of this series...hmmm.

Once again starring Sandra Bullock, this movie is directed by John Pasquin. It also stars : Regina King, Enrique Murciano Jr., and Ernie Hudson.


The Story: The story catches up with FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) shortly after she successfully disarmed a threat against the Miss United States Pageant while working undercover as a contestant in Miss Congeniality. Having become a media celebrity following her heroic pageant exploits, Gracie has been spending more time lately at the salon than the shooting range, working the talk show circuit and promoting her book. When her friends, pageant winner Cheryl and emcee Stan, are kidnapped in Las Vegas, Gracie's all-out efforts to jump back into action to save them puts her at loggerheads with the FBI top brass who don't want to risk losing their mascot and fear she might not be up to the job anymore.


"You see now she looks just like a Chicken"


"Look at it, I'm certainly old enough to look like an ass hole"

I guess I'd recommend seeing this movie at your own risk. There wasn't much in the first one, for me anyway, and from what I can see this one just exploits the first movies ability to make money.

Release Date: March 24, 2005

Star Wars..Revenge of the Sith

This is the opening crawl for the new Star Wars Movie. Could be a spoiler for you, keep that in mind before you read it.

Episode III


War! The Republic is crumbling
under attacks by the ruthless
Sith Lord, Count Dooku.
There are heroes on both sides.
Evil is everywhere.

In a stunning move, the
fiendish droid leader, General
Grievous, has swept into the
Republic capital and kidnapped
Chancellor Palpatine, leader of
the Galactic Senate.

As the Separatist Droid Army
attempts to flee the besieged
capital with their valuable
hostage, two Jedi Knights lead a
desperate mission to rescue the
captive Chancellor....

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith pics

Revenge of the Sith Pictures

These are the latest images I could find for this movie.

Release Date: May 19th, 2005

The Good Shepard

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie is to return as a spy following her recent screen time with Mr and Mrs Smith. Coming Soon are reporting that she is joining Matt Damon in the CIA story The Good Shepard.

We already reported about the hot swap of Damon for DiCaprio, and the storyline of a retelling of the CIA opening history from the viewpoint of a founding agent does sound like good movie fodder, but the concern about the stock Bourne style and acting was very much in the forefront. So now Jolie's hot off another spy thriller of a similar MTV style ilk. Is it just me or does that sound like lazy casting teams?

A little bit more of the story is revealed:

The movie is an Eric Roth-scripted history of the CIA as seen through the eyes of a career agent whose marriage is destroyed by the stress and difficulties of the job. Jolie has been tapped to play the wife.

Mission Impossible 3

Here's a little hot flash from Dark Horizons for you to start out my posts this morning...brrrrr.


Abrams just added a significant degree of hotness to his directorial debut MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 by adding Keri Russell to the cast. Russell is currently starring in THE UPSIDE OF ANGER, which had its premiere at Sundance, and it seems she and other members of the cast were in the "Foundry Grill and Owl Bar" in Park City and she let it slip that she would be starring in MISSION...Russell played the title role in Abrams' "Felicity".

Well done her, could it be that she's set for greater things than Abrams previous female lead who's career isn't doing so well with the fizzle of Elektra? Personally I think he should have gone with Garner for the lead here...much ermm...better acting.

So far though, the cast list is looking good:

Tom Cruise, Eileen Atkins, Kenneth Branagh, Ricky Gervais, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Kirk, Carrie-Anne Moss and Ving Rhames.
I liked the other MI movies and I hope this one lives up. A little heat never hurts.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

King Kong

Yes I'm back with another installment of my ongoing coverage of the Peter Jackson remake of "King Kong". This time we look at some new art work and pics from the New York set for the movie.

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Dominion Post 'Kong' Images - 800x428, 92kB

TV3 Screengrabs from Clark's Visit - 640x480, 97kB

TV3 Screengrabs from Clark's Visit - 640x480, 93kB

TV3 Screengrabs from Clark's Visit - 640x480, 80kB

These are screen grabs taken from a TV news story on the making of the movie.

Batman Begins

Here's a few more production stills from Batman Begins that were not released when I wrote about it.








This is a movie that has made me want to see it. Looks like a whole different take on Batman.

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