Friday, December 31, 2004

Chicken Little

This is another computer animated feature, this time from the Walt Disney Studios. Their deal with Pixar will end after the realease of the movie "Cars", so I guess they are trying to knock off their own line of computer animated features. This one is centered around a chicken and his quest to stop aliens who want to take over earth (how clever) to take over earth. The animation in the trailer looked good enough, but my doubts come in the story. Disney, on their own, have never been that strong at coming up with good clever and creative storylines. They always seem a little corney to me. Hope they pull it off cause I like movies like "Shrek" and "The Incredibles", which seem to be able to reach all audiences with their creative and hip approach to film making. This is another one we'll just have to "wait and see" to get the final answer.


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